Playstation’s next VR bet – globe-shaped control

As a globe-shaped split-center version of the Playstation controller Dualshock. This is the new control for the virtual reality headset that Sony is developing for the Playstation 5.

Sony has not said much more about its upcoming headset than that it is connected to a PS5 with a single cable and that it – of course – is more powerful than what was released for the Playstation 4 five years ago.

But now they have shown the controls for the new Playstation VR. That there are similarities between them and those that companies like Facebook and Valve have made in recent years is probably no coincidence. In the absence of a standardized VR interface, it will nevertheless be easier for developers to publish titles to several platforms if the input methods are largely the same.

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The ring at the bottom of the control that gives the special look contains sensors that make it possible for the upcoming vr headset to track the position of the controls.

Sony will also take the adaptive trigger buttons and the haptic feedback from the Dualsense control to the PS5 that has been so celebrated.

More? Well, the control can, Sony writes on its Playstation blog, “detect your fingers without you having to press on the areas where you place your thumb, forefinger or middle finger. It provides the opportunity for more natural gestures during game rounds ”.


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