The Coltrevolver – a deadly icon

HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY. Legends like Jesse James and Doc Holliday wore it, and it ended Wild Bill Hickok’s life. The fast-firing Coltrevolver is one of the strongest symbols of the Wild West era. “God created mankind. The Colt revolver made them equal. ” This is an old saying that is usually attributed to Samuel Colt […]

Saft launches future battery monitoring

From development to manufacturing and sales, Saft creates tomorrow’s battery. In early April, the company launched the powerful digital monitoring solution Intelli-Connect, which takes Safts’ customer collaboration to new levels. Juice in Oskarshamn is Sweden’s and the east coast’s battery mecca. Saft delivers batteries to the whole world that are used in your market sectors […]

Fertility apps share sensitive information: “Very insecure”

A majority of the most popular fertility apps collect and share sensitive data – without users’ knowledge or approval. It shows a study from Umeå University and Newcastle University. In the fertility apps, users can enter information related to both privacy and health, such as information about abortions, infertility and pregnancy. Although they contain sensitive […]

Subway trains crashed across the road – bridge collapsed

More than ten people are reported dead and many injured when a bridge collapsed and a subway train crashed into a road in Mexico’s capital. Authorities in Mexico City have so far counted 15 dead and about 70 injured. Mexican media have posted dramatic sequences from the event on Twitter. The accident happened at 22.20 […]

Their autonomous robot laser clears weeds

On the underside of the robot are eight laser modules. Together they should be able to take cabbage of 100,000 weeds per hour. It is difficult to manage it without damaging the cultivated crops in the field. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a farmer who does not offer organic products, and a non-toxic […]

The three friends and the story of the computer game Stugan

HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY. Long before the introduction of the home computer in Sweden, three young people sat in a terminal hall at KTH and put together the very first Swedish-language computer game. This is the story of the mythical Cottage. “You are standing on a bridge somewhere in Småland. Behind your sun-warmed back you go […]