Done: Sweden seeks NATO membership: “Leaving an era”

This is what NATO’s handling of a possible membership for Sweden or Finland looks like: 1) The application is received, usually in the form of a letter, signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 2) The letter is being considered by NATO countries, probably at an ambassadorial meeting that is convened immediately and already on […]

Russian special forces are singled out as a threat to Sweden

Russian special forces that carry out sabotage or operations with cruise robots. The security policy analysis warns of increased threats to Sweden during a possible application process with NATO. Stay up to date with our newsletter! The government’s and parliamentary parties’ security policy analysis has been criticized for primarily highlighting the benefits of Swedish NATO […]

What is NATO? Here is your quick guide

Here are the 30 NATO countries, sorted by their military workforce (with how much they spend on defense as a percentage of their GDP in parentheses): United States (Member since 1949): 1,351,500 (3.57) Turkey (1952): 439,100 (1.6) France (1949): 207,500 (1,93) Germany (1955, all of Germany from 1990): 184,800 (1,49) Italy (1949): 175 300 (1.54) […]