Full speed on barrel from the JH factory in Sävsjö

AB Johansson & Hällgren was founded on 15 February 1897 by three brothers led by sheet metal worker Karl Johansson. It quickly developed into a thriving company in Sävsjö in Småland. In 1944, the industrial part was spun off and renamed the JH factory, or JH factories as the company was also called. The factory […]

Unemployment among engineers down to low levels

Unemployment among Sweden’s Engineers’ members is down to the second lowest level in ten years – but it differs between different orientations, reports Ingenjören. Unemployment for the occupational group as a whole has fallen rapidly, from 1.7 per cent in January last year to 1.0 per cent in December, which is the same level as […]

Super-thin Finnish foil heats up – and can be bent

The metal foil is 0.05 millimeters thick and can be used in everything from underfloor heating to textiles – or to keep food deliveries at the right temperature. In Finland, the state-owned VTT, the Technology Research Center, has developed a heating element that can be bent, stretched, and is also extremely thin. The net consists […]

The galaxy lacks dark matter – how is it held together?

A research group has found a galaxy that seems to lack dark matter. The discovery goes against previous theories about how galaxies are built. What has happened? A research team has discovered a galaxy, AGC 114905, without dark matter. The galaxy, which is 250 million light-years away, has been closely studied using the Very Large […]

Halved care time for covid-19 at Karolinska

The average length of care for patients with covid-19 has more than halved at Karolinska University Hospital in just a few months. In October last year, the average care time for Karolinska’s patients was 9.3 days. In November, the time dropped to 7.0 days, in December to 4.9 days and in January 2022, the care […]