The robot has eerily human facial expressions

The robot Ameca from Engineered Arts has a frighteningly realistic facial expression. But it’s not very smart – yet. A video of the latest robot from British Engineered Arts has scared the crap online. Depending on how you are laid out, it is among the creepiest or most exciting you can see right now. The […]

Violent end for Stockholm’s double decker

HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY. British double-decker red decks in Stockholm’s regular traffic? Today it sounds like an exotic fantasy, but for a few decades it was a reality. A reality that SL, however, quickly regretted. On a warm evening in May 1930, a group of festively dressed ladies and gentlemen formed an unusually glamorous bus queue […]

On Xylem, creativity never wise again

This is an ad. It is not written by Ny Teknik’s editorial staff. Hanna Petersson works as a design engineer at Xylem. She had never imagined that her dream job would be in the water supply industry, but sometimes the unexpected career steps are the right ones. It is a happy and curious Hanna Petersson […]

Carbon dioxide-capturing seagrass among Musk’s laureates

The students with the smartest solutions for capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide have been selected. To the winners, Elon Musk’s Xprize has raised $ 5 million in prize money. In total, Elon Musk has set aside $ 100 million from his companies Tesla and Spacex for “Carbon Removal Xprize”. The money will go to student innovations […]

The moon’s oxygen is enough for the earth’s inhabitants

According to researchers, the oxygen bound in the lunar regolith could keep eight billion people alive for the foreseeable future. The conditions for maintaining bases on the moon are better than one might think. Regolit, the dust that covers the surface, consists of 45 percent oxygen – and according to Southern Cross University the material […]