“Sweden’s poor IT preparedness needs to be upgraded”

This is a discussion article. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own. DEBATE. The question is not whether an organization will be hit, but when the next attack will occur and how well you manage to protect your organization. But many companies and public organizations lack sufficient control over their digital infrastructure, writes Johan Torstensson, […]

The asteroid find could be crucial to future space rock threats

New findings from the asteroid Itokawa show that it is almost as old as our solar system and surprisingly shock absorbent. The insight is crucial to avoid possible planet-destroying collisions. Asteroid Itokawa was visited by the Earth-collecting spacecraft Hayabusa in 2005. Since the spacecraft returned to Earth in 2010, many research teams have examined the […]

Here is the “shellmet” – a durable shell helmet

It is a mixture of pulverized shells and recycled plastic. In combination with the clam design, the material makes the helmet very strong. The scallop fishery in Japan’s Sarufutsu generates more than 36 tons of waste in the form of shells annually, which form foul-smelling piles. But now the coastal community in collaboration with Koushi […]

130 meter long LNG ferry will be electric instead

It will accommodate 2,100 passengers and 226 vehicles and was supposed to be powered by liquefied natural gas. But now it looks like it will be batteries for the whole penny instead – and thus Incat’s electric ferry will be one of the world’s largest. The Australian shipyard Incat Tasmania is currently building a 130 […]

Now Candela’s electric boats get batteries from Polestar

All of Candela’s newly ordered electric boats of the model C-8 receive battery packs from the electric car manufacturer Polestar. Thus, they can also be fast-charged. But what happened to the electricity consumption? When Candela launched the C-8 hovercraft in the summer of 2021, it was with a 44 kWh lithium-ion battery. The range was […]