Boat and mysterious group named in Nord Stream investigation

SOCIETY Web map of the gas line’s route and Rostock marked where a boat involved in the explosions may have left.Björn Hellström A rented boat that left Rostock, Germany, is suspected of being connected to the explosions of the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2, according to information in several German media. Prosecutors in […]

Clear ahead for the Rajamäenkylä wind farm

New technique Ny Teknik monitors and writes about new technology in areas such as the automotive industry, innovation, digitalisation, construction, the environment, IT and telecoms. Ny Teknik also writes about new entrepreneurs, life science, industrial development and automation and how technology changes society. The newspaper Ny Teknik is aimed at engineers, IT specialists, technology consultants, […]

Record for Scottish tidal power station

ENERGY One of the turbines installed at the Meygen tidal power station in Scotland.SEA Renewables A Scottish tidal power plant has broken a record, the owner announces. It has produced 50 GWh of electricity during its lifetime. The power plant on the north coast of Scotland is called Meygen and has been installed by SAE […]

Försäkringskassan wants to introduce a cap on the next electricity subsidy: “Needed”

ENERGY Försäkringskassan wants a ceiling on the electricity subsidy. Archive image.Claudio Bresciani/TT Thousands of electricity customers with an unusually large consumption may have received electricity support incorrectly. Therefore, Försäkringskassan now wants to introduce a cap before the next payment to households. – We think it is needed, says Fredrik Falk, head of operations at the […]