Increasingly common with 3D printed weapons

In recent years, the police have made an increasing number of seizures of plastic weapons assembled together after being printed in 3D printers, shows a survey made by the P1 program “In the name of the law”. Stay up to date with our newsletter! – From 2013, we have received a few weapons every year, […]

The Chinese space plane is still in orbit

The country’s previous craft was content with two days in orbit. But China’s new reusable space plane has yet to land. Stay up to date with our newsletter! China calls it a reusable experimental spacecraft, and the launch took place on August 4 in the Gobi Desert. The country launched a similar craft in 2020, […]

The US Navy has received its first robotic boat

The minesweeper can perform its missions without a crew. It is a first step in the US Navy’s ambition for a hybrid fleet. Stay up to date with our newsletter! The US Navy is running a program to introduce robotic ships, and now is the first ready to be put into operation. That’s what the […]

The EU gives the go-ahead for the review of electricity areas

Proposals to change the division of Sweden’s four electricity areas into fewer may be presented next summer. Today, the price differences between southern and northern Sweden are enormous. Stay up to date with our newsletter! The EU’s electricity authority Acer has given Sweden the go-ahead to carry out such a review, which could result in […]

Suspected hacker attack against 7-Eleven in Denmark

Danish 7-Eleven stores are closed during the morning due to a suspected hacker attack. Stay up to date with our newsletter! A total of 175 stores are affected. According to the Danish 7-Eleven Facebook page, the cash registers in the stores cannot be used and it is therefore not possible to take payment. “We are […]