Scientists reveal how the sun sings

It was known that the phenomenon could last for about five minutes – but now researchers have discovered much longer periods where the sun oscillates. Hear the sound created by the oscillations. That the sun emits ringing sounds was discovered as early as the 60s, but then it was about periods that lasted about five […]

Volvo now sells a quarter of electricity

Volvo Cars has sold a record number of cars in the first half of this year – and electric cars account for 25 percent. At the same time, the semiconductor shortage is a major problem. It announces the company in a press release, and adds that there is a strong demand for cars in all […]

Nordstream 2: USA and Germany agree

It is a “bad situation and a bad gas pipeline”, the White House believes. But the USA and Germany have now still agreed on how Nordstream 2 should be handled. The United States has long criticized Nordstream 2, the soon-to-be-completed gas pipeline that the country fears will make Germany and Europe increasingly dependent on energy […]

Software problems close the tunnel

The Marieholm tunnel in Gothenburg is closed due to problems with the tunnel’s software system. Less than a year ago, the Marieholm Tunnel was inaugurated, which runs under the river in Gothenburg. The tunnel is part of the large infrastructure investment V√§stsvenska paketet and relieves the Tingstad tunnel where previously approximately 120,000 vehicles passed per […]

Liquid renewables cannot replace all fossil fuels

Vattenfall and Preem in collaboration on a giant electrolysis plant in Lysekil. Preem’s sustainability manager does not rule out that the company may in the future produce hydrogen for heavy fuel cell vehicles. Preem and Vattenfall continue their collaboration on biofuels, which Ny Teknik recently wrote about. The hope is to start up an electrolysis […]

The Danish royal ship had engine problems

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark must find new accommodation during her trip around the Faroe Islands. The royal ship Dannebrogen, which serves as her private residence during travel, has suffered from engine problems and does not arrive in the Faroe Islands until a few days after the monarch. In addition to being a royal residence, […]

Valve is investing in a laptop-like console PC

Valve is releasing a laptop that is similar in appearance to a portable console, similar to Nintendo’s Switch. Steam Deck, as the machine is called, has a seven-inch screen, a specially developed processor from AMD based on zen-2 technology and will be able to play the latest PC games, it is promised in a press […]

Ericsson will build Verizon’s 5G network

Ericsson has signed a 5G agreement with the American telecom operator Verizon worth 8.3 billion dollars, equivalent to 72 billion kronor. The announcement comes in connection with the company’s interim report. The rollout of 5G is now underway around the world and Ericsson has now secured a heavy contract. American Verizon, with Swedish CEO Hans […]

Water shortage a risk in Swedish holiday resorts

The prevailing heat wave and the fact that Swedes are holidaying in the country to a greater extent is increasing water consumption in holiday resorts. – We have to wait and see how it will be this week. According to SMHI, we have some hot days ahead of us, says Fredrik Vinthagen, press spokesperson at […]