Why is lightning bolt-shaped?

New research explains why lightning moves in steps and takes on its special shape. The answer may lie in the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere. Every second beats approx 100 flashes down the world around. Lightning can contain up to a billion volts and moves in segments of about 50 meters each from the clouds […]

“Nuclear spring” in Russia attracts Hungarian minister

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has appeared at the nuclear fair “Atomvår” in Russia. Despite the Ukraine war, Hungary’s government still hopes for new Russian-built nuclear power. “The global energy crisis means that it is more important than ever that a country can produce its energy,” Szijjarto writes on Facebook, where he also posts pictures […]

“I am amazed by ai news – every week”

The generative ai models can create both text and image. And since text and image are broad concepts, a new infrastructure is waiting around the corner to solve old and new problems. The Elicit search engine has changed the way I look for scientific articles in my research. The large language model GPT-3 made Ny […]