The excavator created a strong community

HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY. The small workshop manufactured everything from waffle irons to graders. But by investing in excavator manufacturing, it grew into Sweden’s most profitable engineering company, and became known for “Ã…kermansandan”, before the 1990s recession was the beginning to the end. Even today you can see one of the company’s very first products: the […]

This is how Swedish companies switch to Industry 4.0

This is an ad. It is not written by Ny Teknik’s editorial staff. The manufacturing industry is the basis for Sweden’s prosperity. Five technology trends have the potential to strengthen Sweden’s companies in the transition to Industry 4.0. The importance of the manufacturing industry for Sweden’s prosperity cannot be underestimated. When it comes to finances, […]

Innovative products for the industry of the future

This is an ad. It is not written by Ny Teknik’s editorial staff. Carlo Gavazzi develops and offers efficient automation solutions, and one of the company’s later innovations is an award-winning portable smart configurator. In the future, most new products await, which will provide expanded opportunities for industry 4.0. In smart industries, the IO-Link protocol […]

This is how Sweden will avoid ending up in truck chaos

Sweden should not end up in the same truck chaos that created fuel and commodity shortages in the UK. Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth (S) will call the various parties in the transport sector for a roundtable discussion. “I expect clear commitments,” he says. Those who are to be invited to the talks are representatives […]

Propellers give the walking robot Leo perfect balance

Caltech has developed Leo, which both walks and flies. But thanks to the propellers, the robot can also go on a rope and skateboard. Developing software and hardware to mimic human gait has been a challenge. Companies like Boston Dynamics have come a long way, but despite the robots’ advanced movements, they are not yet […]