Here is the Sonos Roam – the new speaker that you can take on the trip

A neat portable speaker, designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. It is Sonos Roam, which will have its Swedish premiere on April 20. Priced? Just under SEK 2,000.

Like the Sonos Move launched in 2019, Roam has a built-in battery and support for Bluetooth. But unlike Move, Roam is actually like something you can imagine taking on the trip. Weighing less than 500 grams, Roam is 2.5 kilos lighter than its predecessor.

Roam has two class H amplifiers, a treble and a racetrack-shaped midrange element, but how potent the sound will be in such a compact unit remains to be seen.

For outdoor use, it may be worth knowing that the battery life is stated to be ten hours after a full charge. This applies to the playing time: in the sleep mode, it must be alive for up to ten days. The speaker is IP67 rated, which should provide protection against dust and moisture. The silicone covers on each end should protect the device from possible shocks.

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Roam with “sound swap” function

When used indoors, compared to the Move, Roam seems to be better equipped to coexist with the rest of the range in the Sonos ecosystem. For example, the user does not have to choose between either Bluetooth or wifi to play audio. In addition, Roam has a “sound swap” function that with the push of a button sends the sound from Roam to the home speaker that is closest to the portable device.

Sonos Roam. Photo: Sonos

Alongside these innovations are what Sonos users now expect: smart features with support for different types of voice assistants and automatic “trueplay”, where the sound is adjusted depending on the speaker’s environment.


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