Young manufacturer Alpha shows off its first electric car

Modern driveline, but a retro-inspired look. This is what Alpha Motor Corporation hopes will be a winning strategy in the electric car segment. Now they have launched their model Ace.

When it comes to the electric car segment, we have in a short time gotten to know many new players. Faraday Future, Lucid and Rivian are perhaps the most famous, but behind them there is a whole cadre of small start-up companies that hope to make money from the rapid development.

One of them goes by the name Alpha Motor Corporation, and they have now unveiled a retro-inspired coupe called the Ace. The car is built on a modular vehicle architecture and according to the company it is a “passenger car with ideal size and an electrified soul”.

400 km range

If you look at the specifications, it is a rear-wheel drive electric car that should be able to deliver ranges of 400 km and acceleration 0-96 km / h (60 mph) in six seconds. Exact power and how much battery capacity you have poked in is not something that Alpha goes into.

In terms of size, the car measures in at just over four meters and on the scale the needle stops at 1,360 kg. So we are talking about it being slightly longer than a VW Polo, and considering the batteries required to take the car 400 km, the weight is not too high. Two people will fit and there is also room to pack 396 liters. The latter is not bad at all as it means that you trump most things in the size class.

Awaiting expressions of interest

In terms of appearance, the car has, as I said, several design elements that flirt wildly with historic cars and they have borrowed well from different eras. The interior is extremely stripped down with a large screen in the middle and the steering wheel as the only two “instruments” that stand out. Otherwise, the door sides and the lower part of the dashboard are upholstered in leather. Who the model falls on the lip remains to be seen and Alpha are clear that if they only get enough expressions of interest – then the car will be off.


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