Yes, it’s true – his huge vehicle is classified as a motorcycle (in the US)

His trike weighs just under five tons, and the truck engine delivers 320 hp. Now the builder hopes to be able to sell his model for just over SEK 1.3 million each.


He had previously ridden a motorcycle but no longer felt comfortable with the accompanying risks on two wheels. Jim Gesto is not the first senior to build a trike, ie a tricycle that can be ridden on the B driving license.

But when the larger versions have traditionally taken the driveline from Volkswagen’s old bubble, the old truck mechanic wanted something a little stiffer.

– I googled for the largest motorcycle that is possible to build and that can still be called a motorcycle. What we could find was that 4,990 kg applied, after that it is no longer a motorcycle. This one weighs in at 4,944 kg, says Jim Gesto in the clip from Business Insider.

The engine, which is taken from a truck, delivers 320 horsepower and despite the massive weight, the owner claims that his Tower Trike is nimble and keeps pace with standard cars. The top speed is 136 km / h.

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Although the construction may feel a bit specific, the construction is well thought out. Gesto has spent five years testing his prototype, and now he hopes to be able to offer Tower Trikes for sale. The estimated entry price is 159,000 dollars, corresponding to just over 1.3 million kronor.

In Sweden, different weight rules apply than in the USA, a three-wheeled motorcycle may weigh a maximum of 1,000 kg.


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