Warning for gas shortage in western Sweden

The gas market is strained and in the long run it can also affect Sweden. The Swedish Energy Agency is therefore now announcing the first of three crisis levels for the western Swedish natural gas network.

– It is an early warning that there may be problems in the future, says Gustav Ebenå, head of department at the Swedish Energy Agency.

To be seen as a signal

The Swedish Energy Agency has decided to announce the crisis level “early warning”. It should be seen as a signal to industry players and consumers connected to the western Swedish gas network that a deteriorating gas supply situation may arise.

– You establish a dialogue forum and if we go up to additional crisis levels, you have the contacts and tools in place. It is a way to make us ready to act faster if necessary, says Gustav Ebenå.

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On Monday, Denmark issued a similar early warning due to the reduction of gas via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline between Russia and Germany, and the prevailing political uncertainty.

Greatest risk this winter

Since Sweden and Denmark share a gas market, it also affects Sweden. But this is not about a reduction in the number of gas deliveries in Sweden at present.

– The Swedish-Danish market appears to be robust and well-functioning in this context. So it is not where the shoe squeezes, but it is into Europe, says Gustav Ebenå.

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A deteriorating gas supply situation in Sweden would primarily mean higher gas prices, but it can also develop into a limited supply of gas, according to the authority. The greatest risk of gas shortages is during the winter and spring of 2022/2023.

The western Swedish natural gas network extends from Trelleborg to Stenungsund. Above all, large industries are dependent on gas, but vehicle gas extraction is also carried out. There are also some household customers who could be affected.

Other gas is also covered

– There we have some that have both stove gas and heat and it naturally plays a huge role for the individual customer. But on the whole, it is for Sweden a very low proportion of households that have this type of gas use, says Gustav Ebenå.

The West Swedish natural gas network is the only piped gas network in Sweden that is covered by the regulations that mean that the Swedish Energy Agency is now obliged to send out a warning. But other gas used can also be affected by the situation.

– In other parts of the country, we import gas such as LNG and in other ways to industries. They are not formally covered by these regulations, but not least the price assessment is of course the same, says Gustav Ebenå.


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