Unemployment among engineers down to low levels

Unemployment among Sweden’s Engineers’ members is down to the second lowest level in ten years – but it differs between different orientations, reports Ingenj√∂ren.

Unemployment for the occupational group as a whole has fallen rapidly, from 1.7 per cent in January last year to 1.0 per cent in December, which is the same level as before the pandemic.

Master of Science in Surveying has the lowest unemployment rate at 0.4 percent. The specializations computer technology, civil engineers with the combination of technical physical and electrical engineering and civil engineers other specializations are other groups that are low.

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University engineers in construction technology had the highest unemployment rate in December at 1.4 per cent. Civil engineers with technical physical as well as civil engineers in road and water are also among those who are relatively high in the group (1.2 percent).

Compared to other groups, however, it is low. The average for members of Akademikernas a-kassa is 1.8 percent. In Sweden as a whole, Statistics Sweden’s unemployment rate for November is 7.5 per cent.