Tutus Data launches Sweden’s first secure cloud

Tutus Data offers Sweden’s first secure cloud of collaboration for security-sensitive businesses.

When the updated Security Protection Act came into force, it was clear that many businesses would need to strengthen their protection of sensitive information. However, not all organizations have the resources and capacity to create their own IT systems that handle security-sensitive information.

Tutus Data is a Swedish company that develops approved encryption solutions for authorities and organizations in the EU and Sweden, including the Swedish Armed Forces. Tutu’s new service is aimed at state and municipal activities and makes it possible to protect sensitive information with all requirements placed on this type of activity.

– It is a service for handling, storing and communicating security-classified information for businesses covered by the new Security Protection Act, says Mikael Andersson at Tutus Data.

The cloud service is located in a security-classified space in Sweden and contains, among other things, a video platform for secure digital meetings, secure storage and file transfer, protected speech and messages and protection for the transmission of sensitive information. The organization receives a security-classified “bubble” for its operating systems, computers and telephones.

– The service is built according to the Swedish Armed Forces’ guidelines for the protection of sensitive information concerning Sweden’s security, says Mikael Andersson, sales and marketing manager at Tutus Data.

We provide a complete solution together with training and documentation. The organization can start working immediately, says Mikael Andersson.

– We will give our customers the opportunity to connect already during the autumn, says Mikael Andersson.


Tutus Data was founded in 1992 and is a leader in Sweden in certified and approved crypto solutions. The company develops products and services such as firewalls, VPN cryptocurrencies, encryption programs and the EU’s most secure smartphone, all with very high security requirements. Tutus is a supplier to organizations with high demands on security, including the Swedish Armed Forces, civilian authorities and the EU. Read more here.

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