Three trillion kronor a year – then the forest can save the 1.5-degree goal

Less deforestation and more trees can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Such a strategy can cost over three trillion kronor.

What’s the matter? Forests can be an important key to halting global warming. New research from American RTI International shows that less deforestation and more trees by 2035 can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 5.2 gigatons annually. By 2055, the level could be up to 6 gigatons per year.

How much would it cost? The researchers estimate that the bill would be 393 billion dollars per year, more than 3 trillion Swedish kronor, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6 gigatons annually by 2055.

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What makes the biggest difference? To avoid deforestation in the tropics. The researchers estimate that this could account for between 30 and 54 percent of the emission reduction in 2055. Planting new forest and replanting trees can bind up to 2.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide per year.

How have the researchers come to this conclusion? They have used a computer-based economic model for the forest sector. Based on this, they have made calculations of costs and effects.

The study “The economic costs of planting, preserving, and managing the world’s forests to mitigate climate change” has been published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.


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