This is what we know about the iPhone 15 – released in 2023

Here, Ny Teknik gathers the most credible information about 2023’s expected release of new iPhone models. Here are all the rumours, information and details about the launch of the iPhone 15.

2022-11-29: iPhone 15 is said to get new sensor technology from Sony

New Sony sensors – based on new semiconductor technology – will allow Apple executives next year to again present an iPhone model with the same script as this year (and the year before that, and the year before that, and so on): “this is the best iPhone we ever made”. The sensors should be able to capture more light and be able to reproduce an even more dynamic range. All this reporting Nikkei Asia.

As if that wasn’t enough, Nikkei writes that the iPhone 15 will get lenses with periscope technology. Which teaches us that it’s not just Apple who says stuff we’ve already heard before. The Periscope rumors also surrounded the iPhone 14.

2022-09-26: Lightning becomes usb-c and Pro Max becomes Ultra

Apple is the last mobile manufacturer not to switch to USB-C, but now a shift may be underway. The iPhone 15 could be the first model to ditch the Lightning port for the USB standard, writes Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman who watched Apple for many years.

He also predicts that the iPhone Pro Max will be renamed the iPhone Ultra, just like the new top-of-the-line Apple Watch.

Apple has already switched to USB-C on several of its iPad models, but on the mobile side, the company has stubbornly stuck to its Lightning cables. However, the Lightning’s days are numbered, at least in Europe. Earlier this year, the EU agreed on a new charging standard that entails a requirement for USB-C on mobile phones by 2024 at the latest.

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2022-09-19: Will all iPhone 15 models get dynamic island?

Like a letter in the post, to use an old honorable expression. It wasn’t long after the iPhone 14 models landed, before the first rumors about Apple’s next phone appeared.

The focus of the speculation is dynamic island, Apple’s notch-killer – and undoubtedly the iPhone novelty that has received the most attention since its launch at the beginning of September.

It is Apple analyst Ross Young who has looked into the fortune-telling ball, and according to him, dynamic island will become standard by next year, which would mean that all iPhone 15 models will get the function.

However, according to Ross, who works at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), we shouldn’t expect even the cheaper iPhone models to get ltpo screens with image refresh in 120 Hz, always-on and promotion technology.

This is because Apple’s suppliers simply only have enough capacity to make ltpo panels for the Pro and Pro Max phones.


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