This is what Nothing Phone 1 will look like

The launch will not take place until July 12, but now Nothing, founded by the Swede Carl Pei, has shown off its first mobile. With completely transparent design.

Nothing seems to have found its design language: transparent consumer electronics. Just like the Ear 1 headphones, the mobile phone Phone 1 will have a transparent chassis.

The official launch of the phone will not take place until July, but now Oneplus founder Carl Pei’s new company Nothing has shown a first picture of its already pre-hyped mobile phone.

Raised SEK 1.3 billion

The Swede Carl Pei made a name for himself with Oneplus, a Chinese mobile brand with which he had a key role from the company’s start. In the fall of 2020, Carl Pei left Oneplus to start his own secret tech company Nothing. Since then, the company has launched a pair of wireless headphones, Ear (1), employed 300 people in six countries and raised $ 144 million in venture capital, around SEK 1.35 billion. A cash register that they will use to create an alternative to Apple, according to Carl Pei.

Nothing’s founder and CEO Carl Pei. Photo: Nothing

The main number, which was presented in a great video, will of course be an Android phone called Nothing (1). It was speculated that the mobile could be launched during an event at the end of March, but this did not happen.

Instead, we got to see the beta version of the Nothing Os operating system, which will also be released for a select group of Android phones from other manufacturers, such as Samsung.

Widgets, lock screen and home screen in Nothing OS. Photo: Nothing

Then Nothing (1) is launched

Now comes a new message from the young tech company, and it sounds like the Nothing mobile will be premiered on July 12 during a physical event held in London, UK.

Not much is known about the mobile at present – we do know, however, that it comes with a Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm, and runs with Nothing’s self-developed Olympics. The invitation to the July event does not say much either – the picture that was sent shows a multicolored, non-figurative motif (alternatively a close-up) and the words “Return to instinct”.

The plan: Build a new ecosystem

Notting’s long-term plan is, according to Carl Pei, to build a strong ecosystem around the products. He compares how Apple phones, headphones, computers and other devices interact more or less seamlessly with each other.

It remains to be seen whether the company succeeds with its great ambitions. The first product, the Ear (1) headphones have not impressed the tech media. For example, Ny Teknik’s Viktor Krylmark writes that Ear (1) is “cool, but they aimed for more than just OK”.


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