This is how you can join Sweden’s hottest scale-up company and influence the future

Two years ago, many asked themselves whether urban electric scooters would become a fly or revolutionize the way we approach the cities. Today we can state that the micro mobility movement is here to say the least to stay. Voi continues to lead the development and now offers engineers an opportunity to influence and be part of the journey.

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In just a couple of years Voi gone from an electric scooter company that meant the start of a new uncertain market, to one of Sweden’s hottest scale ups. The company is growing rapidly and now gives driven engineers the opportunity to be involved in shaping Voi’s future. With a mix of hardware, software and a desire to improve our cities, Voi is a workplace that offers enormous development opportunities. Andy Huber has worked as an Engineering Manager at Voi for one year and leads two different teams of engineers. During his time at the company, he has seen a big shift in how to work.

– One year at Voi is like five years at another company. The market is growing incredibly fast and it is very exciting and varied. During the past year, we have matured as a company and have structures and processes in place in a completely different way. We are not a small startup anymore.

“We work with the cutting edge of technology”

On the engineering side, Voi plans to hire at least 70 new engineers this year alone, in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Dare to try new things, fail and change directions is a big part of the culture, Andy explains. As part of the team, you can expect a fast-moving environment and technology at the forefront.

– Voi is an incredibly exciting workplace and we work with the cutting edge of technology. Our teams experiment in everything from IoT to real-time data solutions. Our engineers can directly influence how the product will look in the future and have a lot of freedom. Every week looks different.

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Freedom to run own initiatives

Jesper Roth is the scrum master in the Core Experience team that focuses on Voi’s mobile app. Together with his team, he is responsible for the entire user experience, from finding a scooter to going for a ride and ending the trip. Being able to see the results of his work directly is one of the most exciting parts of his job, Jesper explains.

– What I do benefits the user immediately. I can see exactly how users interact with what I have created daily and can see my impact on the numbers. At Voi, you are not far behind, but you get the opportunity to contribute and get involved in things you think are important. You are given great freedoms in running your own initiatives and developing technically. If you are driven and like challenges, this is the right workplace.

Fast-moving environment

As a new employee, you can expect a great deal of confidence from day one and a warm, inclusive reception. More than 60 different ethnicities are represented in the company and the whole of Voi is permeated by a high acceptance and willingness to help each other.

– We believe that people are fantastically capable and therefore we give trust immediately which you then have to live up to. That is a strong contributing factor to our success. Things happen quickly and you do not have to go through several committees to get your idea through.

– This is just the start of the micro mobility movement, which is a fairly new phenomenon. I look with excitement at the future and how the market continues to develop, Jesper concludes.

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