This is how data centers can make money from surplus heat

The heating network of the future is two-way. Vattenfall launched SamEnergi to make it as easy to sell surplus heat as it is to buy district heating. Now they are looking for data centers that want to make money on a product that would otherwise be wasted.

A new energy landscape is emerging. As the electrification of society increases, we are moving towards a system where energy can be transferred from those who have a surplus – to those who have a need. This applies not least to heat production, where the Swedish district heating network provides unique opportunities for optimization, balance and collaboration.

A central part of future heating is recycled energy sources. Vattenfall now sees a rapidly growing potential in utilizing surplus heat from data centers, cold stores and grocery stores. Data centers in particular are particularly interesting as they generate large and relatively stable amounts of surplus heat all year round, at the same time as they are often located close to cities, which makes it easy to connect the heat to the district heating network.

Sell ​​your waste heat at market price

This business is called SamEnergi. It is a new business model from Vattenfall where you as a new or existing partner are given the opportunity to become a local heat supplier. You simply sell your company’s surplus heat at market price. In this way, you create revenue from a product that would otherwise have been useless, while your company makes climate benefits.

– With SamEnergi, significantly more companies get the chance to become small-scale suppliers of heat. We offer standardized agreements that lower the threshold for many players, of all sizes, who would never spend time on complicated negotiations on special terms, says Simon Dalili, who heads SamEnergi at Vattenfall.

Understandable agreements and flexible structure

In addition to the simplified agreements, SamEnergi is based on a transparent and flexible remuneration model. Companies that want to be able to freely relax and on their deliveries can choose the product SpotVärme with variable prices. While those who can predict their deliveries over a longer period can choose ÅrsVärme. In the latter case, the company receives compensation not only based on the energy they supply but also on an agreed annual effect

The price that Vattenfall pays for the surplus heat is determined on the basis of the marginal production cost per hour. But also because the supplier takes part of the savings that Vattenfall makes on not having to produce the heat in its own plant. The whole idea of ​​SamEnergi is based on the collaboration being equally profitable for both parties.

– Each company gets a unique layout. This applies not only to the compensation model, but also to the technology where we take into account the partner’s conditions and system to, for example, ensure that the heat maintains the right pressure and temperature. And our transparent pricing means that you can optimize your model and deliver when you get the best pay, says Simon Dalili.

Profitable win-win for all parties

So what does it take to become the heat supplier of the new age? The first two questions you should ask yourself are: Do we have excess heat and what do we do with it today? And is there district heating from Vattenfall in our town? Vattenfall then helps with an estimate of annual revenue and gives advice on how the system can be dimensioned. Based on this data, you can assess whether SamEnergi is the right investment for your company.

– Interest is growing rapidly now that the demands on sustainability and circularity are increasing from end customers. More and more companies are reviewing their environmental impact and are actively looking for new opportunities to save or reuse energy. With SamEnergi, you take another step and become climate positive. It is a profitable and sustainable win-win solution for all parties, says Simon Dalili.

Is there district heating in your city?

Vattenfall would like to get in touch with potential partners for SamEnergi in nine district heating locations around the country: Uppsala, Haninge / Tyresö / Älta, Knivsta, Nyköping, Storvreta, Gustavsberg, Motala, Askersund, Vänersborg.

Interested in SamEnergi? Read more and contact Vattenfall here.

You can also download Vattenfalls whitepaper about SamEnergi here.


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