They replace the batteries in less than ten minutes

The upstart has launched what they call the world’s first modular system for battery replacement. Two of their fully automated stations now serve Uber in San Francisco.

Ample claimed in 2018 that their solution that combines smart battery technology with autonomous robots had the potential to revolutionize how we charge electric vehicles. And their platform was said to be able to give any electric car a fully charged battery within minutes.

At the time, they did not want to reveal more about their technology, but apparently Shell believed in the concept when the oil giant’s subsidiary Shell Ventures invested SEK 280 million in the company.

The solution turned out to be the world’s first modular system for battery replacement. For Business Insider describes Ample’s CEO Khaled Hassounah as a “contract system” where the car, based on its size, gets different numbers of battery modules “.

Replaces battery in 10 minutes

The company already has two stations in operation in San Francisco and they now serve Uber’s fleet locally. It is easy to see how the solution is practical for taxi services. The system is automated and payment is made via an app, so the driver does not even have to get out of the car.

The “charging time” has in reality landed in ten minutes. Those who choose to change the battery on their vehicle at Ample should be able to count home 10-20 percent compared to a refueling a normal petrol-powered car.

The partnership with Uber and more than 70 million dollars from private investors has made the development possible – and a rollout on a broad front is expected within a few years.

According to Ample, their battery stations can be blown up and dismantled in a very short time, which means that the needs of an entire city can be covered within a few weeks.

Nine and Powerswap also replace batteries

There are more companies that have invested in battery replacement stations, including Chinese Nio. And recently, they demonstrated a major advantage of the concept – namely that customers can take advantage of advances in battery technology without changing cars. Nine has promised a battery with a fixed electrolyte of 100 kWh, which will provide a range of more than 100 miles.

Swedish Powerswap also works with technology for battery replacement.


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