They gave the Barn 14 wheels – and the unexpected pyramid works

The gang behind Russian Garage 54 welded together five extra rear axles. The barn’s rear wheel now drives another ten – divided into two pyramids.

In the US, it is popular to lift already high pickups on huge tires. When the Russians do the same thing, the natural choice is a Lada. The Garage 54 workshop has added some eccentric engineering.

In front are two wheels from the Russian military vehicle GAZ-66, while the rear wheels are of original size. However, each of them drives on five other wheels that have been placed in a pyramid shape, with three wheels facing the ground. In other words, the iconic model has become a 14-wheeler. It reports Interesting Engineering.

The Russians managed to carry out the strange modification without having to change Laden’s driveline. They joined five extra rear axles in a kind of pyramid-shaped chassis, which was then apparently welded to the car’s original rear axle. The large front wheels were mounted on a front axle from a UAZ, another Russian military vehicle.

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This is just one of the builds and experiments that Garage 54 has carried out for its Youtube channel. Among other things, they have tested a smaller version of the wheel pyramid on a Fiat, which got a total of six rear wheels. And the barn that is now used has previously had its diesel engine converted to petrol by the gang. Wet tires turned out to be an Achilles’ heel for the 14-wheeler, and without suspension the ride became bumpy.

See the clip with the construction and the test.


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