They build charging networks – but only for Rivian owners

There will be 10,000 fast chargers in the US and Canada – but Rivian’s network is only for its own car buyers.

Porsche recently announced its intention to build a network of fast chargers along Europe’s busy roads. With this, the German manufacturer wants to acquire the same kind of special position and buying incentive that Elon Musk’s global network of Superchargers has given Tesla.

Now another player goes out on the field. It’s the inexperienced upstart Rivian, who has not even gotten his first battery-powered pickup on the market yet. But the start-up has Google behind it, among others, and now Rivian will build a network consisting of 10,000 fast chargers in the USA and Canada. They are planned to be ready as early as 2023, reports the Verge.

The Rivian Adventure Network will cover the motorways, but it will also offer level 2 chargers in slightly more remote locations, such as near nature reserves. It is in line with the company’s profiling as a vehicle to get beyond the paved roads – and the first charging stations will be installed in Colorado’s state parks in June.

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Each station on the map must have several charging points and the electricity will, according to the car manufacturer, be 100 percent renewable. But other electric cars do not benefit from the network – because it is only for Rivian owners.

With a capacity of 11.5 kW, the level 2 chargers should be able to provide Rivian’s pickup R1T and the SUV R1S corresponding to just over 400 km per hour.


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