The screen in Mercedes’ new electric car is 1.4 meters wide

The electric car’s screen extends all the way between the a-pillars. With the EQS model, Mercedes-Benz also abandons the traditional menu navigation.

Among the car manufacturers’ concepts, it is common for the instrument panel to consist of a display that in principle extends all the way between the a-pillars. Examples include Hyundai’s design studio Prophecy, or Chinese Byton’s concept with a 49 – inch wide screen.

And of course, the screens have grown into the production models as well, such as BMW’s electric car IX, or the upcoming Lucid Air with its curved screen with a width of 34 inches. But now Mercedes-Benz is sweeping the track with the above.

The company’s luxury car EQS gets a screen that apparently runs all the way between the a-pillars. However, the MBUX Hyperscreen consists of several screens that have been extended to 1.4 meters. It provides a width comparable to a large screen TV, and the total area is close to a quarter of a square meter. It writes Mercedes-Benz in a press release.

Haptic feedback and voice-activated menus

Hyperscreen has haptic feedback with twelve vibration motors. The passenger side has its own OLED screen that can deliver a sharp image regardless of angle. It shuts off when the seat is empty. The center console is also oled.

When it comes to the parts that communicate with the driver, the car manufacturer has chosen a different path. With “zero-layer”, Mercedes has abandoned the classic approach where you scroll through menu layers on a touch screen. Instead, almost all functions that have traditionally been regulated with buttons are now managed instead via the voice-controlled infotainment system MBUX – which has now become more advanced – or with hand gestures.

In addition, the car must intuitively know which ones the driver wants to activate in each given situation, and the solution includes over 20 functions in addition to navigation, telephone and media. Over time, the system will learn what the car’s different drivers usually want – from radio channel to type of massage or mood lighting.


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