The robot has eerily human facial expressions

The robot Ameca from Engineered Arts has a frighteningly realistic facial expression. But it’s not very smart – yet.

A video of the latest robot from British Engineered Arts has scared the crap online. Depending on how you are laid out, it is among the creepiest or most exciting you can see right now.

The company’s new humanoid robot Ameca is probably the closest TV series Westworld we have come. The robot’s face and mine game are almost uncomfortably realistic.

– A human-like robot will always infuse an image of what the future has in its womb. Ameca is the perfect platform for exploring how our machines can live with, collaborate with and enrich our lives in tomorrow’s sustainable society, says the company’s chief operating officer Morgan Roe in a statement.

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Ameca will be demonstrated at the CES trade show in Las Vegas in January, and will be available to buy or rent later next year.

The robot does not yet have the ability to walk (the company is said to be working on it), and it has no built-in artificial intelligence that can match the mine game. Engineered Arts delivers the robot body itself, it is up to developers to seize a device to program it.

If Ameca does not give you enough nightmares, you can check out the company’s robot head Mesmer below.


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