The Riksdag demands information about the final repository: “Urgent”

The government must hurry up with information about the final repository of spent nuclear fuel, the Riksdag’s defense committee believes. “It is very important,” says Pål Jonson, moderate chairman of the committee.

Based on proposals for initiatives from the Christian Democrats and the Liberals, the committee proposes an announcement to the government. The purpose is to speed up the government’s decision on the start of construction for the final repository in Östhammar, the municipality where Forsmark is located. But this also applies to an expansion of the intermediate warehouse in Oskarshamn, which Swedish Nuclear Fuel Management (SKB) has warned is about to become full.


In its announcement, the committee proposes that “the government should urgently take the necessary measures to ensure the conditions for the safe handling of spent nuclear fuel in the short and long term”.

According to Pål Jonson, this is an important mark.

What does hurry mean?

– As fast as possible, it’s just listening to what SKB and expert authorities say about the urgency. We will follow up on this, says Jonson.

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Allan Widman (L), believes that a hasty decision should be made this summer. In the long run, there is otherwise a risk of a stop in reactors due to the fact that there is no warehouse with the capacity to receive spent fuel.

– But the Riksdag cannot date a decision, Widman emphasizes and refers to the form of government.

No schedule

Minister of the Environment and Climate Per Bolund has said several times that it is not possible to give a timetable. The government’s decision must take the time it takes because it involves such a dangerous handling as nuclear fuel.

Bolund repeated that line even after the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s (SSM) statement a month ago about the copper canisters that SKB intends to use for nuclear fuel. The authority approved the application but said at the same time that it was with several reservations, in a thick report.

Bolund then said that much work remains to be done for the government, but the issue is a priority and hard work is being done. Consultation with neighboring countries remains and it will take time to go through the 800 pages from SSM. This in turn can give rise to new questions.

“It is an incredibly important issue, not least for all Swedes to feel secure that this life-threatening material can be kept separate from people and the environment, not just this year, in ten, thousand or one hundred thousand years ahead, Bolund said to TT then.

Facts: Final repository

In 2011, the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Management (SKB) submitted an application for permission to build a final repository of spent nuclear fuel.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has reviewed SKB’s application against the Nuclear Activities Act and gave its approval in 2018.

At the same time, the Land and Environmental Court at Nacka District Court examined SKB’s application against the Environmental Code and requested additions, especially regarding the long-term durability of the copper canister.

SKB has subsequently made additions, which SSM has approved.

On 13 October 2020, Östhammar municipality said yes to the final repository in Forsmark.

The Government shall make a decision on whether a permit in accordance with the Nuclear Activities Act or permissibility in accordance with the Environmental Code can be granted or not.

Source: Swedish Radiation Safety Authority


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