The new residential area runs only solar and batteries

A new residential area in Australian Queensland will get all its electricity from solar cells. The panels are combined with electrical storage in the form of Tesla’s batteries.

In total, there are about 80 houses, each of which will have a solar cell system of 6.2 kW – distributed over 17 modules, each of 365 W. To this is added one of Tesla’s Powerwall batteries of 13.5 kWh. It reports Inside EVs.

Behind the planned residential area in Queensland is a group of companies together with Australian authorities. Their idea is that the residents of Oxely’s Songbird Housing Development should not only become independent of electricity from the grid, but that they should even be able to earn a penny by selling the surplus via the “Virtual Power Plant” system.

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Tesla’s Powerwall costs a lot, but the battery must be heavily subsidized by the project – as well as the installation of the solar panels. The remaining cost should be eaten up by the fact that you no longer get any electricity bills. The savings are expected to land at approximately SEK 17,500 per year, which means that the investment can begin to yield a return after five years.


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