The kitchen’s robot arms cook the food – and the dishes

Moley Robotics is now launching its robot kitchen for private individuals. Robot arms cook the chosen dish, lay out the food, wash dishes and clean.

There are a number of companies that develop robot kitchens, but Moley Robotics is at the forefront. They showed off a prototype in 2015, and since then expectations for the British startup have been high. After six years of development, they now present their commercial robot kitchen, ready to be installed in the homes of private individuals. It reports New Atlas.

How automated is the system then? The solution consists of a pair of robot arms that run on a rail above the specially adapted work surface. The hands are said to be very advanced, with several different types of sensors. They have been developed in collaboration with German Schunk, who are specialists in gripping robots.

In addition, there are specially adapted frying pans, pots and kitchen tools – in materials such as brass, gold-plated stainless steel and aluminum. When the robot has fried the ingredients or whipped up a dessert, it can make a nice arrangement on plates. Then it takes care of the dishes and cleans the kitchen.

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All of this, of course, requires great precision, and cameras together with other sensors distinguish ingredients and ensure that nothing is missed on the plate. Moley enlists the help of chefs to teach the robot new recipes, this by recording the cooking session in 3d. Thanks to specially built algorithms, the robot can accurately perceive every aspect of how the chef handles the food.

In total, the company aims to have more than 5,000 recipes available, which the owner picks up via a touch screen. On top of this, the owner can program his own recipes. It is unclear what the routine is intended to look like around the purchases. Do you get a shopping list when you choose a dish? Can the raw materials be ordered at home automatically? Does the olive oil have to be placed in a specific cabinet for the robot to find the bottle? What happens to the piece of gorgonzola that was not used, if you are never yourself involved in what is left in the fridge?

At the presentation at CES, Moley’s CEO and founder stated that the robot kitchen today is focused on “early adopters” – and priced accordingly. However, Mark Oleynik promised that prices will be reduced significantly over time. But if you want to be first in the neighborhood with robot arms, it will cost you about 2.8 million kroner. Then the cabinets are specially built after the kitchen.

However, there is a budget variant without robotic arms, where the chef gets access to recipes and help from the other equipment in the kitchen. You have to pay SEK 1.1 million for that arrangement. Even with installed robot arms, it should be possible to step in yourself for a little analog cooking.


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