The industrial society in great need of new technology for purified water

The need for ultra-clean water is great in the industry. Small particles that enter the process water risk destroying socially driven products. Type1water manufactures and sells ultra-pure water for laboratories. The unique thing about Type1water’s technology is that they also remove nanoparticles that are less than 20 nanometers in diameter, which no other laboratory equipment does.

That a nanoparticle can destroy an entire product is nothing new in the semiconductor industry. Semiconductors, transistors, chips and computer chips are a series of synonyms that all describe what today constitutes the brain and nervous system in today’s industrial society. Manufacturers of these products have the highest requirements for the process water to be kept clean and free of destructive particles, thus there is a great need for ultra-pure water.

– There is a huge shortage of microchips in the world today. Consumers are also driving the market forward through the internet of things and increased demands on capacity in microprocessors, says Andreas Törnblom, CEO of Type1water.

Water has the unique property that it begins to release water molecules through the surface even before it reaches its boiling point. We see this in nature when steam rises from the sea on a sunny day. At this stage, no particles, no salts or anything else can follow. Type1water utilizes this process by allowing the water surface to retain the contaminants and can thus produce ultra-pure water.

New technology generates ultra-pure water

The new technology has been developed by Xzero AB. The company has since been spun off by Type1water, which owns the rights to the technology regarding water for laboratories. Type1water’s product is Nanocap – a water dispenser for laboratory use that cleans water in a proven effective way. The product has undergone tests performed by an independent third party that has verified that Nanocap can purify water better than other existing equipment. The machine is unique in that it purifies 1 liter of water per hour even in the highly coveted range 0-20 nanometers. Nanocap is designed to be used as smoothly as possible – it is no bigger than it can fit on a workbench and requires minimal maintenance.

Tests have shown that Type1water’s product can produce purified water more efficiently than other state-of-the-art alternatives on the market.

Type1water already sells purified bottled water and during the year began marketing Nanocap. The need and demand for a technology and product with these features has proven to be great.

A large market

Today, approximately 50,000 devices are sold per year in the point-of-use laboratory water segment, which includes Nanocap. This figure will increase.

– We start by growing with our trusted partners, Intel and HORIBA Scientific – large companies with huge financial muscle that we have a long relationship with, says Andreas Törnblom.

Intel acts as a technical partner and has begun evaluating the company’s products. HORIBA Scientific has previously sold purified water to and is now requesting its own machine for purifying water on site.

– If HORIBA needs a machine, many more will also need it. We use the order to create a product that can be sold in large volumes, Andreas Törnblom continues.

In 2020, Type1water has begun a modification of the product intended for medical areas called Biocap. KTH, KI (Karolina Institutet) and Uppsala University are important partners in this project, which means that it is expected to be able to sell hundreds of machines for research purposes in the Stockholm area alone. The research means that Type1water finds markets in more important areas than “only” the semiconductor industry.

– Sampling for Covid-19 and other viruses requires clean water. Here, too, is a large segment in Life Science where you need clean water both now and for virus tests in the future, says Andreas Törnblom.

Planning to reach the full potential of technology

Type1water is now carrying out a new share issue of SEK 24.5 million. Part of the capital will go to the application for EU funding for further development and launch of Biocap. When financing the EU, one third is required in equity, which is then matched by the EU, which corresponds to approximately SEK 10.5 million for the SEK 35 million applied for. The capital will also go to series production of Nanocap, where production is estimated to start at SEK 3.5 million. The remaining capital goes to the company’s current operations and issue costs, as well as marketing and sales.

– Our technology and our products are based on over 40 years of research and have shown good results, which means that we are ready to enter this large market, Andreas Törnblom concludes.

Facts about the issue:

Issue amount: SEK 24.5 million

Issue price: SEK 16 / share

Subscription period: 19/4 – 15/5 2021

Priority: The issue is carried out without preference for existing shareholders

Subscription registration:

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