The gaming world shows the way for distance education at Chalmers

Physics teachers at Chalmers have taken a new approach to improve teaching for students studying from home. The source of inspiration is technical solutions in e-sports.

When professional e-sportsmen compete in computer games, the events are often broadcast live online. Various technical solutions allow followers to see all the details of the game and even interact with the players.

The gaming world’s streamed competitions have inspired two physics teachers at Chalmers to build two specially equipped studios to make online teaching as good as possible for students. There are, for example, several webcams, an advanced video camera, a specially adapted computer and wireless microphones.

– We soon realized that we could benefit and learn from the expertise and technical solutions that have long been built up by professional e-athletes to create a distance learning studio, says Andreas Isacsson, assistant professor at the Department of Physics in an article at Chalmers website.

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The concept means that the transition to distance education has become less labor-intensive for teachers, and the interest in sending lectures from the new studios has been great since the start of the autumn term.

Course evaluations show that students also appreciate the new form of lecture.


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