The 5g-connected delivery robot “Doora” is being tested in Stockholm

The 30-kilo delivery robot can run eight hours on a single charge and transport up to 20 kilos of food. It has now been tested in Stockholm’s inner city.

Behind the pilot trial with the robot “Doora” is the delivery giant Foodora and the telecommunications company Tele2, which contributes with a 5g connection. For Tele2, the collaboration is a way to investigate the possibilities with 5g, which provides shorter response times in the network and has a higher capacity than 4g.

– The pilot will show if there are any special challenges with this type of solution, or if everything works as it should. The important thing is to have a stable average speed on the connection and a good response time, explains Stefan Trampus, business area manager for the corporate market at Tele2.

The experiment is based on testing self-driving home deliveries. In simple terms, it means that a restaurant first receives an order from a customer. When the order is ready, the restaurant staff places it in a delivery robot that is out on the street.

The robot then drives to its destination at up to six kilometers per hour. A built-in camera sends real-time information to Foodora, which can thus track and track the robot.

Must clear curbs

The 30-kilo robot moves most easily on flatter surfaces. But it must also be able to get over curbs, as long as they are not more than ten centimeters high. The built-in sensors help Doora avoid collisions with people and things. If necessary, however, a person can also go in and control Dora’s progress.

The robot drove in Stockholm’s inner city last week, but the idea is to continue the pilot in the spring.

– This collaboration is very fun, but our hope is that when we start rolling out 5g more widely, we can see even more applications where different partners can also collaborate and be helped, says Stefan Trampus.

Autonomous snow plows and connected factories

5g and the internet of things open up for both “smart cities” and smart manufacturing, he explains. Tele2 has a number of discussions and projects that deal with this.

Together with Swedavia, Tele2 looks, for example, at autonomous snow plows. In another project, the company is investigating the smart construction sites of the future. There you test different types of applications with both 5g and wifi-6.

– We also work with Ericsson around a connected production facility. Among other things, it could help save energy, improve safety and increase the efficiency of the plant, says Stefan Trampus.

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Delivery robots Doora

Size: length 60 cm / width 70 cm / height 80 cm

Weight: 30 kg

Speed: 6 km / h

Connection: 5G

Battery life: 8h

Charging time: 4h

Manufacturer: Yape


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