Tesla’s Cybertruck may be ready for delivery this year

Tesla’s Cybertruck is unlike any other series-produced vehicle to date. Here we gather everything we know about the futuristic pickup.

The engineering and design work with Tesla’s futuristic pickup Cybertruck is complete, CEO Elon Musk announced at a conference call for investors on Wednesday, January 27, according to Business Insider. Perhaps the first copies can be delivered at the end of the year.

– If we are lucky, we will succeed in making some deliveries towards the end of the year, but I do not expect volume production until 2022, he said.

It will be built at the Austin, Texas plant, which is currently under construction.

According to Tesla FAQ Cybertruck will be available for delivery globally. But Elon Musk has also said that it will not be built for all markets, and then aimed at Europe, as it does not live up to EU rules. He pointed out, however, that Tesla can still build a smaller version of the Cybertruck, which could thus live up to the rules.

Specifications for Cybertruck

Cybertruck is expected to be fully completed by 2021 at the earliest and the price starts from 39,900 dollars. It should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in about three seconds. Read more about the specifications for the new Cybertruck here.

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Presentation of Cybertruck

The unveiling of the Cybertruck took place in Los Angeles in November 2019. The daring design caused a huge stir around the world. Tthe technical site Mashables summary read: “The cyber truck is a really ugly vehicle. That’s what Twitter says, and it’s true. ”

However, it did not go quite as planned. Among other things, the car’s reinforced windows were promised to be almost unbreakable and even clear pistol shots, but during a demonstration on stage, they still broke.

“Nobody expects the cybertruck”, wrote Elon Musk himself shortly after the event, in an allusion to a certain Monty Python sketch.

We have collected more reactions here.

The prelude to the unveiling of the Cybertruck

Tesla fans have requested a pickup in the electric car manufacturer’s range. In December 2017, Elon Musk said that one is on the way, but only after the launch of Model Y. According to the Tesla founder, there should have been finished sketches on a pickup for five years, but the model is not expected to become a reality until 2020.

Few people know what Tesla’s new electric pickup will actually look like. In March 2019, Elon Musk shows a teaser image of the car, which, however, leaves a lot to be desired for all those who want to get a grip on all the details.

The Swedish inventor, youtuber and queen of “shitty robots” Simone Giertz overtook Tesla by rebuilding her Tesla Model 3 into an electric pickup. She chooses to call it “Truckla”, and curious viewers can follow the whole transformation on her Youtube channel.


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