Spacex satellite just 60 meters from collision

A Space X satellite, Starlink, and a Oneweb satellite were only 60 meters from colliding with each other last month, reports British The Times.

The satellites are used to provide internet connection in hard-to-reach areas.

The US space force detected the danger, and warned the two companies.

According to the newspaper, the two companies then contacted each other, and decided that Oneweb’s satellite would change orbit.

Risk of large amounts of space debris

Scientists are worried that a collision of satellites in orbit around the planet could create lots of space debris, which in turn threatens other satellites and spacecraft.

The Space X satellites called Starlink are at an altitude of 550 kilometers, while Onewebs is much further away, 1,200 kilometers. The collision was about to occur when Oneweb’s satellite passed Starlink on its way into orbit.


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