Skåne wants to be involved and pay for the Öresund Tunnel

A fixed connection between Helsingborg and Helsingör will provide more jobs, more housing and secured transport, according to the proponents. Region Skåne now offers to enter as a co-financier to get rid of the tunnel.

We have decided to actually offer the Swedish state an interest in participating in a future HH connection – that the region would enter as a co-financier in the construction, says Carl Johan Sonesson (M), regional board chairman in Region Skåne during a press conference.

“Offensive schedule”

The HH connection between Scania and Zealand has been discussed for several years. At the regional level, politicians have agreed, and according to the rulers in Skåne, it is about two tunnels – one for road traffic and one for trains.

– Our goal is for an HH connection to be able to open in 2030, in ten years. An offensive schedule, but realistic, says Henrik Fritzon (S), opposition councilor in Region Skåne, who calls for a “sharp decision” from Sweden already during this term.

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One reason for speeding up the process is the construction of the Danish-German Fehmarn Belt tunnel, which is expected to be completed in 2029 – something which in turn is expected to increase the pressure on infrastructure between Denmark and Sweden as well.

Risk of bottleneck

A new Danish-Swedish state inquiry into the connection will be presented at the end of the month, and the question of a Scanian co-ownership will come up at the regional board meeting in February.

The idea is that the tunnel will pay for itself via user fees and according to Carl Johan Sonesson (M), the commitment is not about investing any tax money, but signing up as a guarantor for loans. To what amounts is still unclear, he says.

– There we are not right than that we can enter the exact figure.


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