Simulation is a critical component for increased competitiveness

Regardless of whether we are talking about the digital transformation, IoT or Industry 4.0, the discussion is in the long run about business benefits. If companies are to be able to take advantage of the enormous opportunities that come with technological development in the future, however, new ways of looking at product development and services are required. With physics-based, simulation-driven product development all the way from product design to manufacturing and service, companies can drive their innovation with lower costs, shorter time-to-market and reduced risks.

Many still associate industrial simulations with detail-centered product design, but today the simulation solutions have evolved to become invaluable tools for the entire product development process. Physics-based, simulation-driven product development means a revolution for most manufacturing industries; the need for physical tests and prototypes is greatly reduced, while product quality is increasing. It also enables accelerated innovation already at the idea stage, faster product development and optimization of design to find the best solution early in the process. In the long run, this leads to reduced costs, higher quality and better customer satisfaction.

– Simulation-driven development brings value from three different perspectives; the first is lower cost, the second is a very sharp reduction in time-to-market and the third is about risk reduction and quality. The companies that use simulations feel more secure with the products and processes they bring to market – they know that their solutions will work as intended, says Robert Harwood, Industry Marketing Director at Ansys.

Ansys has long been a pioneer in digitization and simulation solutions. The company has a broad product portfolio, with a suitable alternative regardless of industry, application or role in the product development team. With the market’s most complete program portfolio for simulation, validation and optimization of products, Ansys provides its customers with a unique added value.

– Our software provides access to virtually all areas of technology simulation that a design process requires. The ability to simulate a product’s innovation and development process even before it is built opens up a completely new way of thinking about product development.

Cuts costs instantly
Robert emphasizes that interest in simulations has soared since Covid-19; no operations have been left untouched in recent months and in many places companies are in crisis. Some have looked to AI and machine learning to find ways to reduce their spending; While these are valuable tools, players can cut their costs directly via simulation solutions, while being able to launch new, high-quality solutions more quickly.

– Another valuable aspect is that the data collected via simulation can be analyzed to gain deeper insight into and understanding of how to best optimize your processes. Simulation of a product’s life cycle also creates the conditions for taking the step from period-based maintenance to needs-based one, which creates a more efficient workflow and significantly reduces costs. Even small adjustments can lead to great results within a business.

Tailor customer solutions
However, it is only when you choose to take the data to the next level that you create real added value. Suddenly, you can assess how your products are affected by different factors, such as different climates, which ultimately means that companies can tailor their products to specific markets. It strengthens competitiveness by increasing the pace of innovation and production while providing better customer value.

– In the future, more and more companies will make the transition to having completely data- and insight-based companies. For this to be possible, it is a prerequisite that we make full use of the data we collect from computers, sensors and motors. It is only by using accumulated data to predict what challenges will come in the future that you really get the benefit of digitalisation, Robert concludes.

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If you have ever seen a rocket launch, flown in an airplane, driven a car, used a computer or mobile device, crossed a bridge or used a handheld technical device, it is very likely that you have used a product where software from Ansys has played a crucial role in development. Ansys is a world leader in technical simulation. Our strategy, Pervasive Engineering Simulation, helps the world’s most innovative companies to offer their customers radically improved products

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