Sharp increase for the old Super Mario game – draws in millions

The Christmas present was forgotten in 1985, and was found earlier this year. The wrapped copy of Super Mario Bros. was hammered for a record sum of SEK 5.6 million.

It is not only bitcoin, Amazon shares and gold that have given a good return – old computer games have also increased sharply, with skyrocketing prices during the pandemic. It reports New Atlas.

For nine years, Nintendo came out with new editions of the bestseller Super Mario Bros., and in total there are eleven different covers. A year ago, an unopened copy of the 1985 game sold for just over $ 100,000. The Nintendo Entertainment System was then launched in the United States, and the expensive grips were released for the gaming console at two test markets in Los Angeles and New York in 1985 and 1986.

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Shortly after the record of SEK 861,000, more precisely in June 2020, another copy from the original year went for SEK 980,000. But it is not only the first two test series that are coveted. In December, it was a game from 1990 that set a new record with a price tag of SEK 1.3 million.

However, it is a real step up to Super Mario Bros from 1985 which was recently clubbed for SEK 5.6 million – more than four times as much as the previous record holder. The game is the highest-rated copy of the very first edition, and the reason for the plastic-wrapped new condition is that the imaginary Christmas present was forgotten in a desk drawer.

There he spent 36 years – until the discovery of the find earlier this year.


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