Saft launches future battery monitoring

From development to manufacturing and sales, Saft creates tomorrow’s battery. In early April, the company launched the powerful digital monitoring solution Intelli-Connect, which takes Safts’ customer collaboration to new levels.

Juice in Oskarshamn is Sweden’s and the east coast’s battery mecca. Saft delivers batteries to the whole world that are used in your market sectors – everything from aviation, marine and railway to telecom, health and energy. The battery company has fantastic ancestry and experience that extends more than a century back in time.

– We would not have been where we are today if we had not been able to develop the process and not least the competence over the years. Today we are in a position where we are a leader in our niche, says Niclas Fock, service manager at Saft in Oskarshamn.

Intelli-Connect creates added value

In early April, Intelli-Connect was launched – an intelligent battery monitoring system that streamlines maintenance and takes the industry to the next level. The basic idea is simple: Juice in Oskarshamn works against stand-by industries where you want to avoid power outages. The batteries often occur in extreme environments far away from buildings, which places great demands on maintenance personnel.

– For our customers, it is critical that our batteries always work. Through Intelli-Connect, they can monitor their batteries remotely in real time and better understand their use and needs. We can also share our expert knowledge regardless of where the installation is and by analyzing data together with our customers, says Daniel Nilsson, head of Safts data management.

Several benefits of monitoring systems

Daniel Nilsson describes the test installations as a huge success and Saft has received an eminent response after the launch. The insight into what Intelli-Connect can be used for is growing in the market and creating interest among customers. And there are several benefits, not least it is a gain in time, cost and environment.

– The evaluations we have made of the system show that we have been able to see problems in the battery environment that have been with the customer before it has had time to cause any damage. In this way, we have been able to help the customer fix the problem at an early stage. The system also enables us to recommend measures and cost savings, which we know is appreciated.

With the newly launched Intelli-Connect, the 100-year-old battery manufacturer looks set to face a bright future. The monitoring system opens the doors for closer work with customers.

– We have not always had contact with the end user before, but with Intelli-Connect it will be possible. It is incredibly fun and educational for both us and the customers who have so far shown great interest in the product, says Niclas Fock.

2nd life recyclable NiCd batteries

In Oskarshamn is the center for nickel-cadmium energy storage and reserve power batteries. Here, in addition to the development department, you will also find a recycling plant that manufactures new active electrodes from collected old batteries. A superior recycling compared to other battery technologies, says Daniel Nilsson.

– It is a unique self-developed process. In addition to production waste, we recycle both positive and negative electrodes from batteries, which provides a great benefit in the long run. Our batteries have a lifespan of about 20 years, which is double what is expected in the rest of the market. And then they can have a new life.


The Saft Group is a world leader in the manufacture, research and development of batteries for, among other things, space, defense, industrial and communications applications. In Oskarshamn is the center for nickel-cadmium energy storage and reserve power batteries. There is also a recycling plant where new active electrodes are made from old batteries.

Read more about Saft here.

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