Polestar 2 – “An excellent alternative to the Tesla Model 3”

EUROPAINDEX. Scandinavian stripped-down design and a philosophy intended for connoisseurs. Polestar 2 is the electric car that will show that less is more – but how well has the manufacturer succeeded with it?

The first time the world saw Polestar 2 was in 2016 – then in the form of a Volvo concept. Four years later, the car came on the market, and has since received a lot of attention. In terms of sales, the car has gone OK – but now the range has been broadened even with a simpler and cheaper version.

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In the domestic market, the car has been well received, and many seem to like the brilliance of the pole star. But has Polestar 2 become a hit in Europe?

The design

When it comes to design, the tributes are many, and it seems that the stripped-down look appeals to many.

British Top Gear writes: “This is a sensationally good-looking machine, crispy, fresh and stylish – charged with presence but fantastically stripped of fake ventilation and inventive-aerodynamic nonsense.”

In France, it is pointed out that in addition to the fine design, the choice of material is well worth mentioning.

“The list of materials used in the construction will undoubtedly get environmentalists moved to tears. The seats are made of a vegan material, if you choose leather it is without chrome additives, the wood inserts are made of reconstructed wood. The carpets are made from recycled plastic bottles “, writes Auto123.

But there are some things that Polestar 2 gets criticized for. The CMA platform on which the car is based has forced Polestar to make compromises – because the electric car shares the foundation with Volvo’s petrol and diesel cars. And the platform sharing is clearly noticeable:

“When it comes to packaging, it creates a number of disadvantages and unfortunately this can be seen from the back seat, it is a fairly wide intermediate tunnel that affects the passengers,” writes Belgian Pious.

Google on board

Polestar 2 was the first to include Google’s Android Automotive platform as the basis for the infotainment system. And it is something that almost everyone who has tested the car highlights as a strength, not least that you get a good voice assistant.

“The voice command system immediately works much better than in many other cars,” he writes Autoweek. Algemeen Dagblad describes both operating systems and infotainment as “perfect”.

French LAutomobile Magazine is also happy with Google – although they think Polestar could have been a little more physical when it comes to buttons.

“Most functions are handled on the screen. Ergonomics are inevitably lost, and basic functions such as air circulation are not easy to access. In exchange, we enjoy one of the best voice recognitions available “, they write.

The drive

Polestar 2 is seen by many as a natural rival to the Tesla Model 3 – but how good is the car when it comes to driving?

“No, it is not as fast as a Tesla Model 3, but no one will complain about the car’s lack of character in that regard,” writes French Auto123.

“Polestar 2 feels very fast. It may not accelerate in the same way as the Model 3, but the car feels like a better all-round product with distinct control that makes it soft at lower speeds ”; writes Irish Carzone.

“The faster you drive, the more sense of control and security you get. Damping and suspension communicate particularly well with the driver. […] However, the braking feeling leaves a lot to be desired and should be able to be improved “, writes Belgian The Car Monitor.

The Germans on Motor1 took out Polestar 2 on the Autobahn.

“On the highway to Garmisch, I pressed the gas and before I know it, the speedometer is just over 200 km / h, and Polestar 2 has no difficulty reaching the top speed (205 km / h) – the acceleration is enormous.”

But so it was with consumption. Several media outlets report that the consumption in the car is often high – and that the actual consumption figures end up far from the official ones.

“According to the WLTP, the range should be 292 miles (470 miles), but our driving gave indications that it is not at all difficult to end up below 200 miles (32 miles),” writes The Telegraph.


What does it look like when we sum up the European impressions? In the European index, Polestar 2 comes up with 83.27 points. Overall, the model’s balance of good performance, quality interior and stylish design is highlighted as a plus.

“Polestar is an exclusive, smart purchase and something we can stand behind in the long run. It will address the growing electric car market, writes British Car Magazine.

“Polestar is a mature car with good driving characteristics and material selection – which makes it an excellent alternative to the Tesla Model 3”, writes General Daily.

The good grades, as well as the blunders in the protocols, also apply to the simpler model with only front-wheel drive.

“Polestar 2 impresses even when it only has one engine. For cheaper money, it even offers more range than the four-wheel drive model. The performance is ok, but space and comfort are just mediocre “, writes Autobild.

European media ratings

Out of 22 media, Polestar 2 gets a score of 83.27. At most, a car model can reach a points average of 100 points.


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