Oneplus launches smart watch 2021

As early as 2021, Oneplus can launch its own smartwatch. This is confirmed by the company’s CEO himself on Twitter.

Oneplus had plans to manufacture its own smartwatch a few years ago. But the company then dropped those plans, to focus on smart phones instead.

So, earlier in 2020, the media once again began to report that the Chinese manufacturer could be up and running with a smartwatch.

Now CEO Pete Lau confirms on Twitter that this is true, and that the company’s smartwatch will be launched already “early next year”. The tells Engadget.

However, he has not shared any further details about the watch.

Oneplus is expected to launch its new mobile phones Oneplus 9 and 9 Pro in March 2021. It is conceivable that the new smartwatch will also be launched then.


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