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Hanna Petersson works as a design engineer at Xylem. She had never imagined that her dream job would be in the water supply industry, but sometimes the unexpected career steps are the right ones.

It is a happy and curious Hanna Petersson who answers the phone. She has just rowed with product changes and had a meeting with Xylem’s production coordinator in Emmaboda when she pauses her 3D modeling program to give us an insight into her everyday life.

– Even though I am relatively new to the company, it has been quick to get into my role. I would say that I have a pretty good idea of ​​the situation now, she laughs.

Hanna Petersson’s main focus area is the company’s smaller water pumps – which she draws, models, tests and works on. She thinks it suits her well, because she likes to work detail-oriented. In addition, working with hardware requires more precision than you might think.

– When I was studying, I was worried that I would have to sit in CAD programs all day. Here I can first sketch and then I can go down to the workshop or the lab where I actually get the opportunity to test the things I design, she explains.

Anything but a mossy chore

The role also includes making sure that the pumps do not get smart again, which Hanna Petersson thinks is anything but a “mossy” job. On the contrary, there is a great drive forward that permeates the 120-year-old organization and she says that she feels enormous respect for the societal function her work fulfills.

– It feels good in my stomach when I go to work. I know that what I do has a big impact on both the environment and people, she says.

Talent focus

Since Hanna Petersson stepped into the role of design engineer during a burning pandemic, she has mostly worked from home, but she has managed to get a good picture of the organization and the company’s culture. She has been amazed at how warmly welcoming Xylem has given her, despite the distance. Not a day goes by without her feeling seen. She says that the company is investing heavily in getting new talent to develop.

– What has impressed me most is that I get both the opportunity to grow in my role and on an individual level. Even though we will return to work from the office only in November and I have not had time to meet so many colleagues yet, it already feels as if I know several of them, says Hanna Petersson.

She also says that it is easy to feel community with other employees because they all like to delve into things and find out how things work. It’s something you do together and it’s not often that someone sits alone in their room and ponders.

– The atmosphere is nerdy and nice, she laughs.

In addition, they are happy to help each other and contribute to each other’s individual development. Hanna Petersson herself, for example, has had to accompany service technicians on assignments to see how the installation of the pumps she works with is done in practice. Now she is waiting her turn to visit the production in Emmaboda.

– I think it’s great that you get to learn about how the business works at all levels. It is not only useful, but also very fun, she says.

Hanna Petersson did not think she would find her dream job in the water supply industry, but her advice to students and recent graduates is to be humble in the face of various opportunities.

– As a newcomer, it is difficult to know what different services mean. Therefore, I think it is important that you dare to test, even if something may not sound quite a hundred from the beginning, she says encouragingly.

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Xylem is a leading global water technology company with a commitment to develop innovative and technical solutions to the world’s water challenges. Xylem’s products and services move, process, analyze, monitor and return water to the environment for utilities, industry, residential and commercial buildings, and the agricultural industry. Read more here.

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