New message from Svenska kraftnät: The electricity subsidy is delayed

The promised electricity price support is delayed. The proposal that the aid should have a ceiling complicates the payments. That’s what Svenska kraftnät says, which previously evaluated – but rejected – a similar proposal.

On Thursday, the Energy Market Inspectorate gave the green light to the electricity subsidy proposal that Svenska kraftnät and the government have put forward.

However, the authority introduced a ceiling for really large electricity consumers.

That decision surprises Svenska kraftnät.

– This ceiling will mean delays for when we can pay out the support, says Malin Stridh, head of the electricity market at Svenska kraftnät, to TT.

The reason is that the ceiling means that the authority needs to comply with more complex EU rules because it means that different actors are treated differently, among other things linked to state aid rules, according to Malin Stridh.

– The model that Ei has now decided on is a model that we have previously evaluated and rejected, precisely because it was important that we wanted to get the electricity subsidy out in the near future, she says and continues:

– We have had dialogues with Ei during the course of the work, but this still came as a surprise to us.

How much extra time will payouts take now?

– I can’t answer that now, we need to analyze Ei’s decision first and have to come back, says Malin Stridh.

The government has so far not given a date for when the aid would be paid out, but has talked about “the beginning of next year”.

Energy and Industry Minister Ebba Busch (KD) has previously promised a more detailed announcement during November.

TT searched for her on Thursday.


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