New issue of Ny Teknik ute – Big guide: Home batteries

Ny Teknik no. 17/2022 is out now to read as an e-magazine. Content: Thinking about getting a home battery? We go through eleven questions and answers.

Read the new issue of Ny Teknik as an e-magazine. You reach the newspaper via this link or in the Ny Teknik e-newspaper app.

From the content:

  • Great guide for those who want to get a home battery
  • The family earns thousands on batteries, solar cells and their own app
  • Perspective: Is it time for government cars again?
  • Nvidia: “The overall goal is to replace the driver”
  • After the crisis – comeback for the Swedish battery manufacturer
  • Top list: The best electric cars of 2022
  • The startup wants to build an electric snowmobile – in Sweden
  • Interview with Randall Munroe: “Adults can be afraid of appearing stupid”
  • The technology intersection


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