Mistakes during the video interview that can lower your job chances

Maybe it feels more comfortable with a job interview at home in the living room than meeting the recruiters in person. But the video format holds its own challenges.

Video interviews have become the new normal during the pandemic, but there are also a number of pitfalls that can cost you the dream job. The site Fast Company have talked to career experts who suggest the following mistakes to avoid:


Technical mistakes or poor control of video functions during the interview can be the beginning to the end. Therefore, make sure that you are comfortable with the platform used. If you have the opportunity, a practice round with a friend or family members can be good before the interview.

Inappropriate background

Turn on the camera and see what your video background looks like. Clear away anything that may be disturbing or distracting. Interesting art can serve as a topic of conversation, but a messy bookshelf in the background is less appropriate.

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Style and appearance

Maybe you have devised a stylish and suitable outfit, but first test how clothes and colors work through a camera lens. Make sure that nothing in the upholstery stands out in a negative way. Skip fluffy garments and also think about the lighting to make your face look good.

Relationship building

The golden rule of the second-quick first impression also applies to video interviews. Take advantage of the opportunity to chat to break the ice while other participants join the meeting. It can make a big difference in how you are perceived.

Nervous movements

We can signal nervousness by making unconscious movements, such as touching the face. This can be avoided by letting your hands rest in a place outside the camera’s eye catcher. However, you should not sit still all the time, using body language and gestures can be a way to control nervous movements.

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The posture

Sitting like a haystack does not give a good impression. Consider standing during the interview as it improves posture, facilitates breathing and provides better energy. Sit upright if you do not have the opportunity to stand. Also have eye contact with the interviewers, it signals commitment.

Log out

Do not make the mistake of making a comment or sigh deeply when you think the video call is over – you may have just missed logging out. Carefully check that you have left the call and are not visible in the picture when the interview is over. You do not want a grimace to be the last thing the interviewers see.


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