Mini makes a performance version of the new electric car

Now comes the Mini Electric – a version of the manufacturer’s electric car with the same range but with more cream. But many questions about the new model still lack answers.

Mini reveals that they will make a John Cooper Works version, ie a performance model, with electric drive.

– With Mini Electric, we have shown how well it is possible to combine the brand’s well-known driving pleasure with electrified mobility. Now it’s time to connect our passion for performance that characterizes the John Cooper Works brand with electromobility. That is why we are working on developing new concepts for electric John Cooper Works models, says Bernt Körber, head of Mini in a statement.

The first electric JCW model will share some basic specifications with standard electric Cooper SEs. The performance car will probably have the same battery capacity, which is 32.6 kWh, which will give a range of just over 20 miles. On the other hand, they are said to have poked down an electric motor with more power.

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What does the new el-Minin get for the engine?

But here are a few question marks. Which machine has the manufacturer intended under the hood? The current Minin shares with the BMW i3S and it is the only one in the current generation. Could it be that you get in the new driveline developed for IX and which is in IX3?

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Then it comes to the effect. Already in the tamer electric model, there are 184 horsepower and torque of 270 Nm from zero that will go out on the front wheels. Much more than that and you will start to have problems with the wheels either spinning or you as a driver have to fight against twitches in the steering wheel that arise from so-called torque control.

In the current worst version with a petrol engine, you certainly have a higher power – but not the same torque curve.

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And finally, the UKL1 platform used for the Mini cars is developed primarily for front-wheel drive (four-wheel drive possible) and even if you could roll over a bit, it is unlikely that you will make such a huge effort for just a few JCW cars. It would not be financially defensible.

Judging by the pictures that Mini has sent out, it will not be too long until we find out more.


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