McMurty’s “fan car” Speirling tries to break track records on Goodwood

British McMurtry aims for record. They will try to break the competition with their innovative “fan car” which will deliver the alleged one horsepower per kilo.

During the midsummer weekend, the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​kicks off. The motorsport festival gathers hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts – as well as very many manufacturers who want to show off. One of them is little McMurtry Automotive who wants to dazzle the audience with new technology.

Their Spéirling is something as odd as an electric “fan car”. Where the fan itself was developed to provide downforce at a level that not even Formula 1 cars have. McMurtry has so far not given all the facts about the car, but states that the fan can give up to 2,000 kg downforce and that it allows the model to go from 0-96 km / h (60 mph) in less than 1.5 seconds .

The car is rear-wheel drive, but the manufacturer does not reveal exactly what engine is on board. However, the company says that the battery capacity is 60 kWh and that the maximum speed is set at 240 km / h.

Photo: McMurty Automotive

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Hope to break track record

The model was certainly included last year at Goodwood, but then more to show off – now they are confident that Spéirling will be able to challenge for the record on the track. And the man who will achieve that is Max Chilton, who previously drove Formula 1 and Indycar, among other things.

– Our goal is to win and we feel that the record is within reach if everything is right for us, says Thomas Yates, CEO of McMurty Automotive, in a statement.

Cars with fan systems for downforce are unusual and the last time it was allowed in higher motorsport was in the 70s in Formula 1. That was when Niki Lauda won in 1978 on the Swedish track Anderstorp, but due to the superiority of technology, the Brabham stable agreed not to use it more.

McMurty Spéirling’s record attempt will take place on Sunday afternoon.


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