It will be easier to open mines in Sweden

The government wants to make it easier to open mines in Sweden. Therefore, an investigator will review parts of the process for Natura 2000 permits, announces Minister of Trade and Industry Karl Petter Thorwaldsson. “We must ensure that it becomes even more efficient to open and start mines in Sweden.”

The Riksdag in the form of M, KD, SD, L and C called on the government to review the issue a year ago. The government is now appointing an inquiry.

Natura 2000 sites are particularly protected areas within the EU and permits are required to establish, for example, mining operations there.

The question to be investigated now is when in the permit process a Natura 2000 test is to take place.

The government wants a Natura 2000 test to be done in connection with the environmental test, ie not when you get a so-called processing concession for mining operations, says Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson.

– This is a need that comes from the industry very clearly and something that we hope will make it much easier for companies to have a legally secure process and that you avoid duplication of work, says the minister.

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The companies today think that they can do a form of environmental assessment on two occasions. The investigator must also look at whether such a measure is compatible with EU law.

The assignment must be reported no later than 28 February 2023.