Increasingly common with 3D printed weapons

In recent years, the police have made an increasing number of seizures of plastic weapons assembled together after being printed in 3D printers, shows a survey made by the P1 program “In the name of the law”.

– From 2013, we have received a few weapons every year, now we are starting to receive maybe five or six cases a year, says Mikael Högfors at the National Forensic Center (NFC), to the radio.

In the most recent case of this type that has been in court, a man in Trollhättan who manufactured this type of weapon was sentenced to five years in prison for, among other things, weapons offenses and serious drug offences.

“A threat already now”

According to the European police agency Europol, the rise of 3D printed weapons is a present and future threat. Mikael Högfors is worried about the development.

– If you reduce the smuggling of illegal weapons, the demand will still remain. All the plastic printed weapons we see today have been made with the intention of being used in criminal contexts, he says.


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