“I have no intention of letting fossil gas through”

This is a debate article. The opinions expressed are the writer’s own.

REPLY. As the main negotiator for the Social Democratic group, I will definitely push the whole group in a fossil-free direction, writes Erik Bergkvist (S), Member of the European Parliament.

It is good that we are many involved in the energy debate. These are important issues for Sweden and Europe, and it is welcome that we are several parties that raise them. It is also gratifying that we largely seem to agree – phasing out fossil gas is absolutely necessary.

In her debate article, Emma Wiesner asks if I will stand up for the renewable and take up the fight against the fossil. There she can feel calm, I have no intention of letting fossil gas through when the regulations for the EU’s energy infrastructure are to be updated.

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As the main negotiator for the Social Democratic Group, I will definitely push the entire Social Democratic Group in a fossil-free direction. Here I think Emma Wiesner has a job to do in her own party group, Renew.

We also agree that the Polish chief negotiator’s proposal is unacceptable, but the European Commission’s original proposal is much better. Here, in my amendments, I have proposed that we should go even further when it comes to hydrogen, and that we should also avoid hydrogen that is not completely fossil-free.

Emma Wiesner lists a number of proposals regarding district heating, batteries, hydrogen and negative emissions. As with all good proposals, they need to be concretized. In order to decide what should be included within the framework of the EU’s energy infrastructure, priorities are absolutely necessary.

Now that we are in the initial phase, we need to draw a line between what is the responsibility of individual actors and what is in the common interest of the whole of the EU, only investments in the latter should be included in our common infrastructure. This will become more and more concrete in the coming months.

I hope that together, as Swedish members, we can influence our respective party groups in the European Parliament for a greener Europe. I think that job will be more difficult for the Moderates and the Christian Democrats than it will be for me in the Social Democratic group.

Erik Bergkvist (S), Member of the European Parliament


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