Hyundai launches HTWO – own brand for fuel cells

Hyundai is shifting up its development of fuel cells. Now HTWO is launched, a new car brand completely dedicated to technology.

In December, Hyundai Motor Group presented its new dedicated electric car platform E-GMP. An architecture that, according to the Korean car giant, places them in the forefront when it comes to developing electric cars for the mass market.

Strengthens the investment

Unlike Volkswagen, which also focuses on mass production of electric cars, Hyundai has another leg to stand on in the age of electrification – namely fuel cells. Now the manufacturer has further emphasized how important this investment is by breaking out the technology and launching it as its own independent brand in the Hyundai group, called “HTWO”.

Photo: Hyundai

“With HTWO, we are taking a step forward in our quest to develop the next generation of fuel cell systems. Technology that can be applied in various forms of mobility such as UAM (urban air mobility), cars, vehicles and trains “, writes Hyundai in a press release.

Promises better performance

Hyundai was out early with hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars, and as early as 2013, the Ix13 was launched. The Nexo model is currently sold and when it comes to heavy traffic, both trucks and buses are offered. And the manufacturer is clear that we will see more.

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“The next generation of fuel cells will not only be available for many different mobility products and services, it will deliver better performance and durability at a lower cost with lighter architecture and improved energy density. With the next generation of fuel cell systems, the group aims to offer a very wide model range with hydrogen-powered vehicles ”.


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