HP Reverb G2 VR – “Sometimes Pig Powerful”

All that can be said is that the Reverb G2 offers powerful graphics and sometimes incredible vr world. But there are some things that chafe, a little too much, writes Ny Teknik’s Viktor Krylmark.

What is HP Reverb G2 VR?

The HP Reverb G2 VR headset is a product of a collaboration between HP, Valve and Microsoft. As the product name suggests, this is a vr set. In fact, a pretty steaky one. It is equipped with four internal cameras, the advantage of which is that the user does not have to place an external sensor in the room. The resolution is maxed out: 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye (total 4320 x 2160). The field of view measures 114 degrees and the image refresh rate is 90 Hz. In addition to this, there are also built-in speakers that are angled down and placed just outside the ears. It is bedded for a maxed out experience.

The lenses are valve designed. Which should provide a wall-free experience. Jaha? This means that you get smoother and better brightness and color intensity over the entire pixel range. The image should be free of pixel clouds that might otherwise appear on LCD screens.

The headset weighs 550 grams. When testing the HP Reverb G2, the price is around SEK 7,000.

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In its marketing, HP boasts that the vr set comes with a 6 meter cord, apparently really good. You connect these cables via Displayport and usb-c to your powerful computer (required to operate the headset).

The look, what to say about it? It’s black. Looks like a vr set? At the top of the headset is a Velcro strap where you can adjust the size. In the front is a face mask that is against the face when you put it on. The mask effectively shuts off ambient light. On the underside of the headset there is also a slider where you can adjust the distance of the lenses to fit your eyes.

HP Reverb G2 VR. Photo: HP

What does the headset have to come with?

Vr is fun. If you have never tested it, I suggest that you go to the nearest VR center and just drive. With the Reverb G2, HP offers a powerful experience. The headset delivers 9.3 million pixels, so of course you are offered a really crisp image. And the sound from the “floating” speakers gives a feeling of surround sound. It is sometimes easy to forget that it is in a living room that you are standing, and not in a spaceship where you are fighting fierce aliens. The headset itself is comfortable, which opens up for long game breaks without it chafing or being uncomfortable. And it should be added that it is mainly played I have done during this test.

The hand controls are comfortable in the hand and respond well. I appreciate that HP has chosen levers instead of touch pads for control. The only time I have problems with the controls is when it’s time for two-handed weapons. Then the sight really skewed. And pretty quickly, I became a mouthful in the abandoned, but zombie-filled, subway.

The HP Reverb G2 VR Controllers. Photo: HP

The installation of the vr set in the Windows app Mixed reality works flawlessly. To set up your game space, you aim your VR glasses at the computer and move slowly on the surface of the room that will be your playing field, your VR space.

Reverb G2 is compatible with Steam vr, and it’s a godsend. Because it is the case that Steam is quite good at games and VR rooms.

Any disadvantages?

It may seem strange to complain. But this with a 6 meter cord. The cords spoil much of the vr experience. A few quick movements and it can easily end up on the snout and suddenly the headset jerks a little from your head and you are reminded that you are standing in your room waving at opponents and not in the mighty gaming world. Now I know that many vr sets are wired. But I can only state that I look forward to wireless becoming standard.

HP Reverb G2 VR. Back with 6 meter cord. The mess that occurs. Photo: Viktor Krylmark

As I mentioned before, it’s lucky that the Reverb G2 is Steam compatible. For Microsoft’s VR room is terrible. Not the room itself, it’s nice, and so on. But all the features in the room are connected to the type Microsoft store and the Edge browser. And you know what. Microsoft is boring, you do not want to experience this. Especially not in vr. To step around there and get this big business scent ui thrown in your face is almost to be described as a big trampling. If you are unlucky, you do something that the VR room thinks is wrong and then the classic error sound from Windows is played and the nightmare is a fact. You throw off the vr set, and then throw yourself into the nearest browser and download Steam and Steam vr. Then you will never step into Microsoft’s VR room again.

The technology-packed glasses do not drive themselves. They should be wired into the computer so that audio and video can be transferred to the user’s wired 3D world. And the problem with the 6 meter cord, is just that. You should store six meters of cord at home.

Previously, I have tested the wireless Oculus Quest, among other things. I was equally captivated by the experience with the vr set compared to this almost SEK 3,000 more expensive set from HP. I understand that with the HP set you can get a more powerful processor and graphics card, because you have to connect it to a muscular computer to make it work. But in my world, the user-friendly and inexpensive option wins over beefier but more bulky. The VR experience Quest vs Reverb G2 is in my opinion fully comparable. The vr enthusiast may think differently, but then the vr enthusiast may think so then.

tl; dr

  • I really liked this vr headset from HP. The controls are light and comfortable in the hand. The headset is also comfortable on the head and the image is incredible, sometimes pig-powerful in fact.
  • The speaker solution feels good from a convenience point of view, but perhaps something more enveloping would have been preferable, so that you can really encapsulate yourself in the VR world.
  • What annoys me is that the vr set is not wireless. The cords that lie furthest from the back detract from the feeling I want when you step into a new universe. Sometimes I also have to fiddle with these cords, unplug and plug in the computer to get the picture in the headset on. That makes me crazy.
  • With a vr-set for 7000 kronor and a ruffled PC, I had expected a more seamless experience.
  • I had just as much fun with a cheaper wireless option.

Facts: HP Reverb G2 VR

Field of view: 114 degrees.

Type: Built-in screen.

Resolution: 4320×2160.

Monitor: LCD.

Update frequency: 90 Hz.

Weight: 550 grams.

Displayport: Yes.


Release year: 2020.

Price: Approximately SEK 7,000.


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