Here is the “shellmet” – a durable shell helmet

It is a mixture of pulverized shells and recycled plastic. In combination with the clam design, the material makes the helmet very strong.

The scallop fishery in Japan’s Sarufutsu generates more than 36 tons of waste in the form of shells annually, which form foul-smelling piles. But now the coastal community in collaboration with Koushi Chemical Industry has managed to find a use for the residual product.

It is a completely new material, which in a first step has been converted into protective helmets. After the scallops have been cooked and sterilized, they are ground into a calcium carbonate powder. It is then mixed with a powder made from recycled plastic, and the mixture is made into pellets.

The bioplastic has been dubbed Shellastic, and the clam-shaped construction helmet is said to be 33 percent stronger than a conventional helmet – thanks in part to the ridges in the design. It writes New Atlas.

“Shellmet” is created by the company’s pellets melting when they are heated in the mold – and compared to new plastics, the production is said to halve greenhouse gas emissions.

The helmet is already sold in five colors for around SEK 370. With the fishing industry as the main target group, an evaluation period will begin in the spring.


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