Heightened preparedness at Swedish energy facilities

Several Swedish energy plants are tightening security after the suspected sabotage against Nord Stream 1 and 2. “We are on high alert,” says Johan Sennerö, press secretary at Vattenfall.

Previously, the nuclear power plants Ringhals and Forsmark announced that they were “increasing attention” in the face of the situation due to the suspected sabotage against the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines. Among other things, this means increased vigilance and reporting of any deviations.

Now the owner Vattenfall, which is the country’s largest producer of hydropower and also has a large number of wind power plants, announces that heightened preparedness also applies to hydro and wind power.

Gasbolaget: Intensified work

– I can’t say much more, we have a high level of preparedness for both hydropower and wind power, but we can’t go into exactly what that means, says Johan Sennerö, press secretary at Vattenfall.

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Nordion Energi, which owns the main gas grid in southwestern Sweden, is also increasing security work, reports Swedens radio.

– We started already when the unrest in Ukraine started to increase our preparedness and vigilance. We have constant contact with all the European so-called TSOs, the system operators, and the Swedish authorities. We have intensified this now due to the explosions at Nord Stream 1 and 2, says CEO Hans Kreisel to SR.

Don’t want to comment

The trunk network, which runs from Dragør in Denmark to Stenungsund, is one of two in Sweden. The other is in Stockholm. In addition to households, Nordion Energi states that they also have “socially critical industry on the food and chemical side” connected to them.

TT has also been in contact with Sweden’s other four largest hydropower producers. Two state that they have been more vigilant since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, but that they have not taken any special measures due to the events at Nord Stream. The others do not want to comment for security reasons.


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