Google Maps is starting to show the most fuel efficient route

From clearer facts in the search engine to emissions reporting when booking flights. A number of Google’s services get new features that will make it easier for those who want to make climate-smart choices.

Google Maps will start advising users on which route is most fuel efficient. It was one of the headlines below Google’s sustainability event which was broadcast on Wednesday.

The company’s own assessment is that the function can lead to emission reductions equivalent to one million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents per year. According to Google, this can be compared to removing 200,000 cars from the roads.

The function will be rolled out to American Android and iOS users already now, but will not come to Sweden until the beginning of next year.

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Better bike routes

Maps will also get better route information for cyclists, and information about bicycle pools and available electric scooters will be visible in the map app in 300 cities worldwide.

A number of other Google services are also updated with information that will make it easier for users to choose a more climate-friendly option.

Here are some of the news:

  • Google Flights: You can now see carbon dioxide emissions per aircraft seat calculated on, among other things, route and aircraft type.
  • Google Search: Searches for climate change should to a greater extent yield results from credible sources, such as the UN. Consumers should also receive clearer information about how energy-efficient products are when they search for, for example, white goods.
  • Nest Renew: Google’s smart home products can be set up to ensure that, for example, elements or air conditioning are optimized to run at times when there is a greater amount of renewable energy in the electricity mix. The service is initially only available in the United States.
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Google itself has previously set a goal that all the company’s data centers and offices should be run entirely by locally produced renewable energy by 2030. At present, renewable energy accounts for 67 percent of the electricity consumption in the company’s data centers.


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