Full speed on barrel from the JH factory in Sävsjö

AB Johansson & Hällgren was founded on 15 February 1897 by three brothers led by sheet metal worker Karl Johansson. It quickly developed into a thriving company in Sävsjö in Småland.

In 1944, the industrial part was spun off and renamed the JH factory, or JH factories as the company was also called. The factory manufactured a variety of products, such as grills, bird tables and mailboxes – and for a period also the winter toy Flying saucer.

Among collectors of classic household utensils, the softly rounded bread jars in sheet metal are probably among the more well-known products. A classic Triett came in the color combination orange, vanilla yellow and mint green.

The company changed owners a number of times, only to go bankrupt in 1994.

Sources: Jönköping County Museum, Smålands-Tidningen