Explore Multi-cloud on vForum Online 2021

Securing the future of their business is currently largely about laying a digital foundation. And not just any basis. Without a foundation on which you can drive application development in a multi cloud environment for both old and new applications and get them out to end users who can use them anywhere, anytime.

Our time is changing, we have learned about something in recent times. Every day, the demand and need for faster innovation increases, in order to succeed, you need to secure the future of your business.

For your organization, maybe it’s about accelerated application development, navigation in a multi cloud environment or distribution of a virtual cloud network? Everything possible with the help of a knowledge boost.

– VMware wants to help create awareness and increase knowledge about three areas we have identified as important for everything from platform owners to those who conduct business in a multi-cloud environment, or who want to do so. We do this through 3 digital events where we touch on a core area at each opportunity. We have named the event; Multi-cloud mobility, streamlining the path to production with Tanzu and VMware SASE brings together users, cloud networks and cloud security, says Claes Sandahl, technical manager at VMware.

Claes Sandahl, Technical Manager at VMware.

– When talking about multi cloud, the conversations about functions are often very general and general. In our first session “Multi Cloud Service Mobility”, our specialists will instead use a real example and show you how to best migrate to a multi cloud environment. It is an excellent opportunity to participate for those who feel that they want to be more secure in their decision to migrate, says Claes.

Also during the second and third sessions, VMware’s specialists will use demonstrations and practical examples where participants can follow the process in a visual and clear way. According to Claes, the second opportunity is perfect for those who want to modernize applications, streamline and increase the speed to create a consistent and good platform:

– We have a toolbox that can help speed up and automate the entire process. So if you need a flexible way to build applications using containers or if you want to rewrite parts of your application flora then this is a good area to listen to.

Last chance: “VMware SASE brings users, cloud networking and cloud security together”. A session that goes through the possibilities for organizations to prepare for dealing with a new reality.

– A productive user wants and should be able to work anywhere and anytime. They must be able to consume applications that are available locally, in public data centers and on the web. To cope with this, networks and security must merge and be able to support seamless, secure and reliable application access to the cloud and SaaS, Claes explains.

Each opportunity is based on practical examples and demonstrations, lasts for 1 hour and is completely free. In addition, time is set aside at each opportunity for interaction and questions from the participants to the specialists. In this way, everyone who participates in the events can sort out their thoughts and get expert help about their problems.

vForum 2021 Online is a collaboration between VMware and Intel. All participants will have access to the best tools, the latest product and solution information and the opportunity to make contacts and form important partnerships.

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