Experts are wanted – what are YOU best at?

No matter what the answer is, Swedac is pretty sure they need you. Swedac is looking for experts in many different subject areas for consulting work as technical assessors. Are you an expert in your field? Do not hesitate to take the chance.

Swedac monitors compliance with requirements for quality and safety in order to make it easier for goods and services to move freely across borders and is a national accreditation body for Sweden. The authority also coordinates Swedish market control and is responsible for matters relating to measuring instruments and precious metals. Swedac has international tasks in all areas. Instruction and regulatory letters from the government as well as legislation and agreements within Europe and globally govern the agency’s activities. Swedac is part of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and reports to the Minister for Foreign Trade and the Minister for Nordic Affairs.

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What is the role of an expert at Swedac?

As a technical assessor at Swedac, you as an expert review specific information in connection with accreditation. You are responsible for the knowledge in the area to which the assessment relates. You contribute to a functioning society and that accredited actors meet the same requirements, conditions and level in their work. The assignments can vary both in terms of time and place. As a technical assessor, you get to see different parts of Sweden, meet many different people and the opportunity to deepen your skills. Work is independent and impartiality is a key word.

Swedac’s operations include both assessment prior to accreditation and supervision of accredited bodies. In these assessments, Swedac makes partial use of external assessors / experts who examine the accredited bodies.

Swedac will procure a “pool” of assessors for future assessor services. The assessors who will be hired must be able to make assessments of the accredited body’s conditions for fulfilling accreditation requirements. Assessments usually take place where the accredited body’s activities are conducted. Remote assessments may also occur.

The assignments can be performed by you who are employed, run your own company, work for an authority or as a private person. Inquiries are sent out well in advance of an assignment’s start date and Swedac sends out calls stating what we have agreed on. The length of the assignments can vary between 1 and 20 days per year.

Swedac is looking for experts in the following areas of expertise:

  • Environmental and food analysis
  • Testing laboratories
  • Medicine
  • Calibration
  • Control organ
  • Certification body
  • Notified bodies
  • Organizers for competence testing
  • Forms of control
  • Assessment leader

Tenders must be received by Swedac no later than Friday, June 4, 2021.

To take part in complete procurement documentation, questions & answers and submit tenders, login must take place in the procurement tool.

To submit a tender to Swedac, you need to create a supplier account in TendSign Mercell TendSign Procurement Tool. Make an offer.


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